The Other Saber-Tooths: Scimitar-Tooth Cats of the Western Hemisphere

The Other Saber-Tooths: Scimitar-Tooth Cats of the Western Hemisphere

Like the better-known Smilodon, or saber-tooth cat, the scimitar-tooth cats of the New World were fierce predators that killed and consumed the largest of North America’s species. This volume synthesizes all currently known information about the scimitar-tooth s.

Scimitar-tooth cats had serrated teeth that were shorter and stouter than those of Smilodon. Using a mix of new research and previously published accounts, the contributors examine all aspects of the natural history of these extinct cats. They reconstruct what scimitar-tooth cats might have looked like, discuss how they captured and killed prey, and describe their worldwide distribution and how they interacted with other, non-prey animals. Highly detailed descriptions reveal the biology of these cats, provide bone-by-bone comparisons of them to Smilodon and other cat-like carnivores, explain how they originated, and set them in an evolutionary context.

Richly illustrated and featuring the latest information on scimitar-tooth cats of the New World, The Other Saber-tooths is an engaging and comprehensive collection of information about these fascinating felines that will appeal to paleontologists and anyone else interested in the prehistoric world.


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Vincent Pleads for the Cats

Vincent Pleads for the Cats
Virginia Software
Image by rikkis_refuge
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Cast your vote for me and my kind, make your donation now, at using our e-mail address, or call 540 854-0870 extension five, or e-mail with credit card information, drop by the refuge or send a check to Rikki’s Refuge, PO Box 1357, Orange VA 22960. Don’t lose out on your chance to prove that cats rule!