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Are any Virginia Lawyers out there to help with emergency child custody / foster care / release from med care?

Question by Danny M: Are any Virginia Lawyers out there to help with emergency child custody / foster care / release from med care?
My niece’s husband burned their daughter; she is now in the burn unit at RCU in Virginia. She is doing great nowand able to be released but Social Services will not allow that. They have not taken custody nor does Virginia hold jurisdiction, you see my niece and the baby are from California and Oregon. They are in Virginia visiting the father before he leaves to Iraq (but now he is on the run and AOL from duty) she has been here for 4 weeks. We have 3 family members here to fight the DSS from taking this baby. My wife, my niece and I want to switch parental rights from her to us. Is this possible and or can they hold the baby from being transferred to a California burn unit, back home.
Thank you for your help

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Answer by aly_des
wow…this is a tough situation. I would re post this question in Law and Ethics. A lot of lawyers hang out in there and maybe there is someone who could help you there. When you re post, I would clarify who actually as custody of the child…that’s not really clear. Good luck and I hope the little girl gets better soon

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