Colleges in Virginia, which one should i choose?

Question by Stunnig’: Colleges in Virginia, which one should i choose?
Which colleges should i apply for the spring semester in Virginia. I love medicine and anything medical gets me excited. What are schools that i would enjoy in va?

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Answer by Cochise
Are you a Virginia resident? It makes a difference in costs and also admissions.

What is your SAT or ACT score? If SAT, just the CR and M portions count.

Are you thinking pre-med, RN, health care administration, laboratory tech, medical insurance billing, any other ideas?

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Which degree to choose to become a patent attorney?

Question by deucesanders: Which degree to choose to become a patent attorney?
I am currently in the Naval Nuclear Program and have be told the at Old Dominion Univ. I could earn upt to 62 accelerated credits.which of the two technical engineering degrees should i choose to pursue if i want to be a patent attorney? Mechanical Engineering-Nuclear Technology (62 cr.)or Electrical Engineering-Computer Software (0 cr.). Also I plan to apply and attend a Law school on the Eastern coast and practice at a law firm in Virginia, Washington, DC, or Georgia.

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Answer by orrFius
Wow – Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering are both great – Why does it have to be nuclear, if you go the ME route? Why does it have to be Computer Software if you go EE? With ME would you need an additional 62 credits, or you already have 62 credits there? If possible, could you go ME/EE, or is that not realistic? You may have more options goin EE/Computer Sci, but I would suggest going with your heart. You will be happier, and frankly you should be able to transfer skill sets fairly easily, you may find.

Good luck!

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