When does the SkyBar in VA Beach close?

Question by Jess B: When does the SkyBar in VA Beach close?
Im planning a trip to Virginia Beach for the first week in October and was really hoping to be able to visit the SkyBar. Does anyone know when it closes? It’s only open for a season, but when does the season end?

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Answer by Granddad pops.o.b.e.
hi there, i think it”s seasonal,a couple of links for you to look over,it”s not very clear on opening times! maybe you can find something,good luck..



best regards pops..

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What are some colleges in Virginia close to the beach?

Question by : What are some colleges in Virginia close to the beach?

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Answer by Pedantic Exactitude
Old Dominion University, Christopher Newport, and Norfolk State are probably the closest. Regent might also be in the area, I’m not sure about that one…

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Stonewall Resort – Close to Nature, Far from Ordinary

Stonewall Resort, among West Virginia’s premier hotels and conference centers, blends luxury accommodations, lakeside cottages, spa services and golf with water sports and outdoor recreation. Set among lush, rolling hills overlooking Stonewall Jackson Lake, the Adirondack-style lodge features spacious guest rooms and suites, outstanding restaurants, and 14000 square feet of conference space equipped with the latest meeting technology. Stonewall Resort Roanoke, WV 26447 Main Phone: (304) 269-7400 Toll Free: (888) 278-8150 StonewallResort.com

Trying to “close” on my house & the lender is putting up roadblocks. Help!?

Question by sunnygirl1: Trying to “close” on my house & the lender is putting up roadblocks. Help!?
The sale of my home in Virginia is being held up the the Buyers lender. I have fulfilled the terms of the contract to the letter yet the lender has put up one roadblock after another. No issues were raised prior to the closing date although my agent submitted all inspection reports and paperwork in a timely manner. The buyers lender has made repeated mistakes on the HUD, which delayed the closing twice and now they are questioning the termite inspection report. We had a minor termite problem, had the house treated and repaired the damage (a $ 10 piece of baseboard). We fixed the damage ourselves because we couldn’t get anyone else to do it prior to the closing date. The termite inspector looked at my repair, said it was good and submitted a report saying there was no longer a problem and the work was complete. Now, the lender says they need a report stating that the structure is sound. I pointed out that the pest control company is licensed to inspect for insects and visible damage and that they are not structural engineers. The pest control company will not send a report regarding the structural integrity of the house because it is beyond the scope of their job function and poses a liability issue. My agent and the buyers agent are at a loss as to how to work this out and the lender is standing firm. We are a week PAST the scheduled closing date and I am still paying taxes and insurance on a house I can’t seem to close on. These people are costing me money!!!
Does anyone have any VIABLE suggestions on how to resolve this issue. Has anyone had a similar experience and resolved it. Do I have the right to be re-imbursed for the expenses I am carrying because of the lenders ineptitude and procrastination?
Please, only serious responses. Thanks!
Doesn’t the lender have to be more pro-active by giving the seller an opportunity to address issues PRIOR to the closing date??? How can they drop these things on a seller after the scheduled closing date? Isn’t is incumbant upon the lender to give REASONABLE notice if there is an issue to be addressed?

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Answer by acermill
Your option here is to balk more and have the buyer walk away. I don’t think you want THAT. And no, you are not entitled to reimbursed for any expenses. You can simply declare the offer null and void due to failure to close timely.

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20070726 – staining – another unsafe ladder set-up (close) – IMG_2842

20070726 – staining – another unsafe ladder set-up (close) – IMG_2842
Virginia Homes For Sale
Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
One of many hassles was covering everything up so that nothing would drip onto it. Fortunately, as we horde and re-use anything re-usable, we absolutely do not ever throw away a plastic Peapod (small/thick) or Diet-To-Go (large/flimsy) bag. Our surplus was just beginning to become semi-unmanagable, when all of a sudden we used just about every bag in the house to individual cover our spiral stiar rails! Other items used in covering included some newspapers given to me by my co-worker, a green bathrobe, a purple button-up womans’ shirt bought during our "rag quest" (yardsaleing for cheap rags to wipe stain on… A shirt would only last an hour or so), and 3-5 dropcloths throughout the project.

We learned that plastic worked better than paper, but paper had definite advantages, like being able to wipe excess stain onto it, and being rippable. Sometimes we used both at once. It just depended. But with the stairs, you had to TAPE everything down. Very annoying. At least painter’stape is re-stickable.

You can also see the current unsafe ladder placement, and the carpet-on-the-stairs from the previous unsafe ladder placement. We left it there since it also served as a dropcloth.

BACKSTORY: Anyone who reads our contract (link below) can see that it specified to move the closet and built-in shelves. But Virginia Design Builders‘s workers — the workers hired by Daniel M. Lopez — were unable to properly move the closet without destroying it. And they "accidentally" threw away our shelves. They also broke the trim at the edge of the closet.

And then guess what? The asshole refused to stain ANY of it, despite the fact that the only reason the color now didn’t match was due to their inability to properly execute a contract. (It was a 3 month contract and was not finished for over 3 years.) This left us having to stain WAY more wood than we otherwise would have. It was quite literally a difference of several months’ work, as we both had jobs (at the time), and spare time at home has been in deficit for awhile.

STAINING IS A PAIN: Just for reference, proper wood staining is a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR pain in the ass. The wood filling, the sanding, the pre-conditioning, staining, the wiping, the dropcloths, the multiple coats of everything, the (4) polyurethane coats [which often required holding a lamp in one hand, to reflect light on it to ensure evenness], and the final sanding. And don’t get me started on the timing: Stain 20 minutes after pre-conditioning, but only for 2 hours; stain in 20 minute cycles consisting of 4 sub-cycles: stain area #1, stain area #2, wipe area #1, wipe area #2. Then break, get new gloves, and start over. A 20 minute cycle might equal 2 shelves, or 2 boards from ceiling to floor. Our spreadsheet had over 200 cells. At the end of the day, the only way to get stain off your skin was to apply paint thinner directly to your skin in violation of the instructions, common sense, and one’s best interests…

wood staining.
bath robe, ladder, newspaper, painter’s tape, plastic bag.

upstairs, Clint and Carolyn’s house, Alexandria, Virginia.

July 26, 2007.

… Read my blog at ClintJCL.wordpress.com
… Read Carolyn’s blog at CarolynCASL.wordpress.com

LEGAL: To see an official VA DPOR sanction of 0 (+0) against Dan Lopez and Virginia Design Builders: clint.sheer.us/download/filedump/2008/daniel-m-lop… … These people were suing him for 0K last time I checked.

To see OUR contract with Dan Lopez / Virginia Design Builders: clint.sheer.us/download/filedump/2008/daniel-m-lop… … Just in case anybody doesn’t believe me./B>