Dover Hydraulic Elevator @ Comfort Inn Staunton VA

THIS was an experience, I wasn’t actually thrown out of the building but I was accused of being a terrorist in a round about kind of way. I went in the building and proceeded to film the elevator, that went fine. on the way out. the man at the desk asked me if I was a guest at the motel and I told him “no” and he asked what I was doing there. I explained to him that I am an elevator enthusiast and a photograph elevators all over the world. Then he says “Why” I said it is just a hobby. Is it a problem? and he says well. I don’t know. Id have to ask my supervisor about if photography is allowed here. (now for the good part!!) Besides how do I know what your motives for your pictures are and how will you use your photos?? I said “Sir it is a hobby” and he said how do i know that? (at this point I realized that this man’s elevator did not go to the top) so i said in a very calm polite tone. Sir I am very sorry if i have caused any trouble. I will leave now and you will never see me again” he said “that would be a good Idea” and on the way out. I said “have a nice day sir” very politely. I am thinking about calling choice hotels. about the treatment I received. The only thing he said that was out of line was questioning my motives after i already told him. He was not terribly rude but by no means friendly as he basically accused me of being a terrorist/troublemaker.. he did refer to me as sir and i did likewise. However this was an older man and he was probably job the way he
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What is the closest town near Jonesville, Virginia to find a hotel such as a comfort suites, hampton, etc?

Question by : What is the closest town near Jonesville, Virginia to find a hotel such as a comfort suites, hampton, etc?
What is the closest town near Jonesville, Virginia to get a Hotel such as comfort suites, hampton inn, etc?

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San Francisco is on the opposite side of the country from Virginia so you’d no doubt get better answers if you tried this on other us travel.

A simple google search for Jonesville VA hotel first hit is a comfort suites

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Comfort Inn Wytheville, VA

The Comfort Inn® hotel is ideally located at the intersection of Interstate 77 and Interstate 81. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this Wytheville hotel is just minutes from area attractions and businesses, like Fort Chiswell Outlet Mall, the Blue Ridge Rehabilitation and Health Care Center, Wythe County Community Hospital, Wytheville Community College and Bluefield College.

Hotel in Sterling VA – Comfort Inn and Suites Dulles

Ideally located among the hotels in Sterling, Virginia, the Comfort Inn and Suites Dulles is near the Dulles Airport. Our suburban location is safe for any guest and quick to popular Sterling attractions. Business guests will find several major corporations a short drive away.
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