Ned Hooper, Chief Strategy Officer & Senior Vice President, Consumer Business, Cisco

As Ciscos Chief Strategy Officer, Hooper helps shape Cisco’s business vision and strategy, partnering with Cisco’s Operating Committee, Development Council, customer segment councils and Chief Technology Officer to identify the next key market transitions across the company’s customer segments and develop integrated strategies that leverage all Cisco assets. Hooper is responsible for Cisco’s global growth strategy through business development activities including acquisitions, equity investment, and the incubation of innovative technologies. As the leader of Ciscos consumer business, and member of Ciscos Development Council, Hooper drives the companys consumer strategy and Network as the Platform vision to deliver the next generation consumer experiences in video entertainment and communications. Hooper holds a bachelors degree from the University of Colorado and a masters degree in business administration from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. This Darden Leadership Speaker Series event was co-sponsorship by Dardens Business Technology Club. Recorded February 23, 2010.
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“Which?” Guide to Insurance (“Which?” Consumer Guides) Reviews

“Which?” Guide to Insurance (“Which?” Consumer Guides)

Consumers spend billions of pounds on insurance policies every year. But how much of it do they really need and could they be paying less for any of it? Using a step-by-step approach, this guide explains what to take into consideration before buying insurance so that the reader can avoid under- and over-insuring, and duplicating, and points out what to look for in the small print. Case histories throughout illustrate the sorts of mistakes that are frequently made, and how they can be avoided. This text covers a broad range of policies from house contents and buildings to holiday, health and car insurance. It also examines the pros and cons of life insurance as an investment.


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