Can you rent a hotel room at 18 with your parent’s credit card?

Question by Emily: Can you rent a hotel room at 18 with your parent’s credit card?
My friends and I are going to Virginia Beach and we need to find a hotel suite/ condo with multiple bedrooms, all the ones I have found say you have to be 21, I’m only 18.Can you rent one of those hotel rooms with your parent’s credit card and them being ok with it. Or do you need an ID to check in?

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Answer by SK
You can’t sign for your parents’ credit card, and they are within their rights to ask you for ID to make sure it matches the name on the card anyway. Of course your ID will show that you are under 21. Basically, I think this *might* work, but you can’t rely on it.

A better idea is just to have your parents call the hotel and ask them if they will accept this compromise. If their concern is over the maturity of the patrons, then probably they won’t let you stay. But if their concern is about your reliability when it comes to making payment, then they might let your parents book the room for you. Honestly, I’d just ask the hotel offices themselves.

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Virginia Credit Union reduces mortgage application processing times with document automation

To increase efficiency and accommodate a paperless environment, Virginia Credit Union investigated modernizing its document handling process, starting with mortgage applications. The organization jumpstarted a project including ReadSoft’s document capture solution to capture, classify and index incoming data & also utilized NMS Imaging’s eFlow solution for electronic workflow. Cara Gwinn, Business System Solutions Group Manager at VACU, sat down to share the organization’s experience leveraging document automation to boost its mortgage application process.

In Virginia can a home be seized by creditors to pay off credit card debt.?

Question by fishead: In Virginia can a home be seized by creditors to pay off credit card debt.?
There are provisions in the state code for filing a detinue form for the sale of property to settle debt after receiving a judgment and posting a lien. Is this legal to be used by credit card companies? I get lots of conflicting info off of the web.

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Answer by Sgt Big Red
A filing of Warrant in Detinue is used in small claims court to sell anything that has a value equal to the judgment or property secured by the debt.

The maximum allowed is for judgments up to $ 5000.

I doubt a court would let them sell your home as it no doubt exceeds the judgment, also, unless you have paid off the mortgage, you still have a lien holder who comes first (the mortgage company).

There are ways to fight back and you can read more in the link posed in the source area.

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