Dr. Jeff Owens – Hell’s Crowd (Pt. 1 of 4)

Pastor Jeff Owens is the loyal pastor of the great Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church, which is located in Martinsburg, West Virginia (a suburb of Washington DC). He has been preaching the Gospel since 1976. He is a man of great expression, compassion, and wisdom. Pastor Owens spent 18 years of his life under the ministry of Dr. Jack Hyles of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana–“The World’s Largest Sunday School.” Fourteen of these years, he was Dr. Hyles’ assistant pastor. Dr. Owens also served as vice-president of Hyles-Anderson College. The Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church is a strong and growing work and is considered one of America’s most exciting churches. Pastor Owens also travels across America and abroad preaching at conferences, revivals, Christian colleges and schools. To read full biography: www.jesus-is-savior.com To download audio sermons visit: www.lumelonline.net