Do I qualify for a dependency override?

Question by Mommy to Serenity Ann: Do I qualify for a dependency override?
This is the situation, any of you please tell me if I’m qualified for a depency override. The issue is I’m 19 years old, my mother claimed me on her 2008 taxes. She doesn’t make a whole lot of money but due to worker’s compensation *untaxed income* my stupid EFC score skyrocketed from 0 to over 5000. I do qualify for loans that will pay for this year of college. But my daughter was born in May and I am currently supporting her and my girlfriend *until she is able to work again*. I believe I am an independent and would much rather use a grant than have to pay back loans. In the past I mostly did construction with my father so I couldn’t file taxes, but I currently work at a supermarket now. Being the only person working right now I pay for gas, I pay her parents rent, pay for diapers, formula, baby clothes etc. I also buy food. Needless to say, my pay check is pretty much gone after all of this. Do you think I qualify for a dependency override? Also, I used to reside in california but am currently living in West Virginia. I get no money or help from my family.
lol in case of confusion I am using my girlfriend’s Y!A account to ask this question, I’m a guy.

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Answer by SpeshL BLenD
Lol… sorry I just stopped by to read your question (I don’t have an answer for you) but the whole time I was picturing this butch 19 yr old lesbian with a baby and working construction… quite a family!

Anyways, good luck and sorry I can’t help more lol.

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