Dover Hydraulic Elevator @ Comfort Inn Staunton VA

THIS was an experience, I wasn’t actually thrown out of the building but I was accused of being a terrorist in a round about kind of way. I went in the building and proceeded to film the elevator, that went fine. on the way out. the man at the desk asked me if I was a guest at the motel and I told him “no” and he asked what I was doing there. I explained to him that I am an elevator enthusiast and a photograph elevators all over the world. Then he says “Why” I said it is just a hobby. Is it a problem? and he says well. I don’t know. Id have to ask my supervisor about if photography is allowed here. (now for the good part!!) Besides how do I know what your motives for your pictures are and how will you use your photos?? I said “Sir it is a hobby” and he said how do i know that? (at this point I realized that this man’s elevator did not go to the top) so i said in a very calm polite tone. Sir I am very sorry if i have caused any trouble. I will leave now and you will never see me again” he said “that would be a good Idea” and on the way out. I said “have a nice day sir” very politely. I am thinking about calling choice hotels. about the treatment I received. The only thing he said that was out of line was questioning my motives after i already told him. He was not terribly rude but by no means friendly as he basically accused me of being a terrorist/troublemaker.. he did refer to me as sir and i did likewise. However this was an older man and he was probably job the way he
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Dover Hydraulic Glass Elevator @ Market Parking Garage Roanoke VA HIGHdraulic! POV

This is in Roanoke VA. Perhaps one of the Highest Hydraulic elevators i have EVER seen! It serves 7 landings. TO SEE NUMBERS GOING DOWN! you MUST watch in HIGH QUALITY!
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Otis traction elevator Modernized by dover @ roanoke higher education center Roanoke VA

This is my first attempt at playing around with Quicktime Pro in combining 2 different videos into one. this is car 3 and then car 4 at the Roanoke Higher Education Center which is the Former N&W building. here is a pic of the building