Example 2008 Digital Photo Challenge Entry

Example 2008 Digital Photo Challenge Entry
Virginia Network
Image by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
The act of transforming an unused rail corridor into a trail is a complex process. Everyday, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy works with communities and partners like you to create a nationwide network of trail systems for the public. With your help, our online mapping initiative will allow users to find rail-trails anywhere in the nation!

The County Line Trail in West Virgina is a great example of how our mapping initiative works. Our staff mapped this rail-trail (and surrounding rail-trails) last November using handheld Garmin GPS units. When they returned to the office the GIS information was downloaded into our geospacial database and we created a map. Now this remote trail can be easily accessed using Google Maps driving directions. Visit our trail finder Web site: www.traillink.com and view the County Line Trail’s interactive map.

Virginia Entry #169

Virginia Entry #169
Colleges In Virginia
Image by College of William & Mary
Needing a break from dissertation research and writing (and
from Southern California), I visited southeastern Virginia this summer.
Along with a fellow alum, I spent a hot August afternoon boating at Waller
Mill Park in Williamsburg, where I snapped this photo.

Photo by Danielle Vigneaux
Class of 2002

Photo submitted to: www.wm.edu/communities/travelphotocontest/

The United States of America Ordered by Entry to the Union by Gwen Fisher using Doceri Software

Watch a map of the United States of America draw itself, where each state is drawn in the order that it entered into the union. The use of a time line, color, and time give three different representations of the order that the states joined. It illuminates several historical facts, including that the East Coast started the union, California was relatively early to join, and West Virginia was relatively late, relative to their geographic locations. Please feel free to use this video in a history lesson for your students. To learn more about the software I used to create this video, visit doceri.com.
Video Rating: 5 / 5