companies that buy your home fast??

Question by h: companies that buy your home fast??
im hoping to sell a home quick but do you think websites like below can help me? what’s the deal…? – worrying

We Buy Houses Washington DC- Virginia – Maryland – Florida – Colorado

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At Express Homebuyers, we cater to people who need to sell their homes in a quick, convenient and risk-free way that’s safer than the average for sale by owner transaction. Since the company’s founding, Express Homebuyers has established a strong presence in the Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland markets as a professional solution if you’re looking to sell your house fast.
no no i’m not tryin to advertise their web. im really desperate of selling 2 homes in va/ md. u can see from my q&a with other inquiries. i need to learn about companies that will sell but not sure what the hidden deal is.. pros/cons
can they also do short sale if pymt is behind… and make deal with my banks, then try buying cheap…?
oh and if they want power of attorny, what’s the deal? will i be doomed

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Answer by SG Elite
Speak with them and get more details. Remember, selling a home quick may mean you may not get good pricing.

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Norfolk & Western Railroad 1940’s – “Operation Fast Freight” – Historic Freight Trains

In this educational documentary we follow a boxcar eastward on the Norfolk & Western Railroad from Columbus, Ohio to Norfolk, Virginia as a part of 1940’s steam-era freight train No. 86. Track repairs and major shop work are also shown. From The City Point Railroad (established in 1838) was a nine-mile railroad which started just south of Richmond, Virginia, from City Point (now part of the independent City of Hopewell) on the navigable portion of the James River to Petersburg, Virginia. It was acquired by the South Side Railroad in 1854. After the Civil War, it became part of the Atlantic, Mississippi and Ohio Railroad (A,M&O), a trunk line across Virginia’s southern tier formed by mergers in 1870 by William Mahone, who had been builder of the Norfolk and Petersburg Railroad in the 1850s. The A,M&O was the oldest portion of the Norfolk and Western (N&W) when it was formed in 1881, under new owners with a keen interest and financial investments in the coal fields of Western Virginia and West Virginia, a product which came to define and enrich the railroad.

Darn Good Westerns Volume 2: Shotgun, Massacre, Three Desparate Men, Deputy Marshal, Outlaw Women, and Four Fast Guns

Darn Good Westerns Volume 2: Shotgun, Massacre, Three Desparate Men, Deputy Marshal, Outlaw Women, and Four Fast Guns

Disc One: MASSACRE: Indian treachery leads to tragedy in this made-on-location Western adventure with Dane Clark and James Craig as officers of the law who lead a small group of men into redmen territory to investigate reports of guns being sold to unfriendly Yaqui Indians. Every arrow screams death in an unexpected finale. 1956 (76 minutes) THREE DESPARATE MEN: Deputies Preston Foster and Jim Davis save their brother Ross Latimer from hanging for a crime he didn t commit, but a guard is killed in the fracas and this makes all three hunted criminals. Now living to defy the law instead of defend it, they rob a train and then brazenly attempt a one-of-a-kind double-holdup. 1951 (72 minutes) OUTLAW WOMEN: Meet the babes who shoot to thrill and make the coyotes howl! In this offbeat Western yarn, the town of Las Mujertes is run by women and controlled by saloon owner Marie Windsor, but male visitors (including Jackie Coogan as a gunslinger!) create complications. 1951 (72 minutes) Disc Two: SHOTGUN: Sterling Hayden challenges the fury of the untamed west with a SHOTGUN in this gritty outdoor drama. He’s a deputy who vows to avenge the murder of a marshal and hits the vengeance trail, encountering half-breed Yvonne DeCarlo and bounty hunter Zachary Scott. Tracking the killer leads into Indian country, where they are captured by redmen who pit Hayden and his quarry against each other in a shotgun duel. Harrison’s Reports hailed this Technicolor Western as “fast, exciting and interesting … it holds [the viewer] in tense suspense.” 1955 (80 minutes) DEPUTY MARSHAL: Wrongly suspected of murder, deputy marshal Jon Hall devises a plan to draw all the actual suspects (including Dick Foran and Russell Hayden) out into the open and prove which one of them committed murder in order to profit off of the coming railroad line. Hall’s real-life wife, Frances Langford, provides a few songs. “Fast-moving action” Motion Picture Exhibitor. 1949 (76 minutes) FOUR FAST GUNS: Against a backdrop of Arizona landscapes, this offbeat Western spins the yarn of a wanted man (James Craig) who turns unofficial lawman to tame the town of Purgatory–but finds that the main troublemaker is a crippled saloon owner whose infirmity, according to the Western code, keeps him safe from gun justice. Craig becomes the target of a succession of hired leadslingers–including his own brother (Brett Halsey). Who is the FASTEST of the Four Fast Guns? 1959 (72 minutes). Bonus Features: Trailers, Interview with Robert L. Lippert, Jr., producer of MASSACRE. Product Specs: 2-DVD9s; Dolby Mono; 448 minutes; Color/B&W; 1.85:1 / 1.33:1 / 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio; MPAA-NR; Year – 1956, 1951, 1951, 1955, 1949, 1959; SRP – .99.

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