How much is a female teen’s car insurance in Virginia?

Question by sogol s: How much is a female teen’s car insurance in Virginia?
I’m trying to get one for my daughter and I was wondering if anyone can give me any heads ups.

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Answer by jennifer l
There is really no way to answer this without knowing specifics such as the vehicle year/make/model, what coverages you have, her GPA, and if your particular insurance company gives discounts for good grades, driver’s education, TeenSmart (check out Adept Driver’s program), etc. There are too many variable, but in general look for a $ 600-1200 yearly increase depending on your particular insurance provider.
Also, unless she’s over 18, most insurance companies won’t allow her to have her own policy because she must legally be an adult to enter into a contract. She would have to be added to whichever parent she resides with (or shares use of a vehicle)/

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