How was the First Battle of Bull Run during the Civil War historically significant?

Question by Molly: How was the First Battle of Bull Run during the Civil War historically significant?
I’m just doing a project and I’m a little stuck.

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Answer by Jack P
The first Battle of Bull Run was historically significant because it established in the minds of the observers who trekked out from Washington in their Sunday best to watch it that the war probably wasn’t going to be as short as they previously believed.

The Battle of Bull Run was fought between the Confederates and Non-Confederates and was generally appraised as a victory for the Confederates by experts on both sides.

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NH: First images from gun rights demonstration @ Plymouth State University

The two main organizers, Brad Jardis and Mozingo, reportedly decided at the last minute not to bring rifles to their rifle-open-carry event. This as a result of a judge’s restraining order, which may in and of itself have accomplished part of their mission for them. Latest details continue to come in here: How to buy an ad: gun rights new hampshire open carry free state project firearms guns on campus, live free or die right to keep and bear arms dave ridley report second amendment ridleyreport rifles pistols revolvers, gun bans gun control liberty leftists authoritarians universities university colleges schools staters students forbidden nh virginia tech public domain raw video libertarian news. virginia tech shootings second amendment weapons firearms new hampshire gun rights plymouth state college. NH activist deploys cop-watching drone The images look as crude as the first Daguerreotype but are perhaps half as as groundbreaking. Click link below, if available, or see video descrip for details.
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First public safety broadband spectrum LTE demonstration

Alcatel-Lucent, in cooperation with the Alexandria Police Department, conducted a live demonstration of data capabilities for first responders using the LTE Public Safety Broadband (PSBB) spectrum in Alexandria, VA, on October 15, 2010. This demonstration highlighted network readiness to support current public safety applications used by police and other emergency response personnel as well as new applications enabled by wireless broadband.

US state executes first woman in nearly 100 years Virginia – The US state of Virginia has executed a 41-year-old grandmother for the murder of her husband and his son, the first woman to be put to death in Virginia in almost 100 years. Teresa Lewis was killed by lethal injection in Greensville Correction Center at 9.13pm (0113 GMT) on Thursday. “It took about 13 minutes from the time she entered the execution chamber from the time she was pronounced dead.” “Officials said she walked on her own into the execution chamber, but media representatives – who witnessed the execution -said she looked nervous and scared.” Abolitionists painted Lewis as an example of why capital punishment is flawed, saying she has diminished mental faculties and was taken advantage of by smarter accomplices. Her lawyer, James Rocap, said: “Tonight the death machine exterminated the beautiful childlike and loving spirit of Teresa Lewis.” But with an IQ of about 70 or above, Lewis was considered fit for trial in the southern state of Virginia and had pleaded guilty to hiring two men in 2002 to murder her husband and stepson to pocket their 0000 life insurance policy. Lewis appeared tearful as she was escorted into the death chamber on Thursday before being bound to a gurney with heavy leather straps. In the moments before her execution, she asked if her husband’s daughter was there. Kathy Clifton, Lewis’ stepdaughter, was in an adjacent witness room blocked from the inmate’s view by a two-way mirror. “I want Kathy to know
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Virginia is first state to ban mandatory health insurance: Has Virginia thrown another wrench in Øbama-care?

Question by Defender of America: Virginia is first state to ban mandatory health insurance: Has Virginia thrown another wrench in Øbama-care?
In addition to Virginia, at least 35 other state legislatures are considering measures to “limit, alter, or oppose selected state or federal actions, including single-payer provisions and mandates that would require purchase of insurance,” according to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL).

Virginia Bans Mandatory Health Insurance

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Answer by Disco Stu – The Footlong
I’m glad I live in Virginia.

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I first came to western Virginia when I was employed by Lord Fairfax.?

Question by paris h: I first came to western Virginia when I was employed by Lord Fairfax.?
Later, I owned about 55,000 acres inw hat was to become West Virginia. Who am I?

2.) I was the commander at the battle of point pleasant. I divided my troops and placed them under Colonel William Fleming and my own brother. Who am I?

3.) I was a deserter from the British army. I took up residence in a large sycamore tree until the end of the Revolutionary War. Who am I?

4.) I was a Mingo chief who considered myself a friend of the white man. I was outraged when several members of my family were massacred. Who am I?

5.) I led a group of settlers on a surprise raid at Captina Creek. I was falsely accused of killing members of Logan’s family. Who am I?

6.) I sent a message to Lord Dunmore asking for peace after the Battle of Point Pleasant. Later, I was killed at Fort Randolph. Who am I?

7.) I let a band of British troops and indians in a second attack on Fort Henry in 1782. This attack occurred a year after the british surrender at Yorktown. Who am I?

8.) I was placed in charge of all the western lands north of the Ohio River. I was able to negotiate the Treaty of Fort Stanwix with the Indians. Who am I?

9.) I was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses. In one of my speeches, I used the phrase, “Taxation without representation is tyranny.” Who am I?

10.) My father went to Fort Randolph to warn the inhabitants that a group of young warriors was planning an attack. I went looking for him later. Who am I?

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Answer by Joyce B
You don’t seem old enough to have been there. Are you asking us to do your homework?

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Virginia Tech survivor speaks about her experiences for the first time

Lindsay was supposed to be in class on April 16th, 2007. She missed that day, when her professor and nine of her classmates were killed in the worst school shooting in US history. Only three survived. She shared a small office space with six of those killed. She is now a graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin. On Tuesday, 3/22, she spoke of her experiences publicly for the first time in testimony against SB 354, a bill which would force colleges and universities to allow guns. The author of the bill repeatedly cited “preventing another Virginia Tech” as his rationale for pushing the legislation.