How hard is University of Virginia admissions for out of state students?

Question by Jack P: How hard is University of Virginia admissions for out of state students?
Hey Guys,

I was wondering what is the acceptance rate for University of Virginia. I am an out of state student living in Texas and UVA is one of my dream schools. Here are my stats:

Grade: Senior (class of 2011)
Race: Sri Lankan (Asian Minority)
Rank: 28/600
GPA: 3.92 unweighed (I don’t know my weighed)
School/Class Type: Public/Mostly Competitive
SAT: 1800 (620 M, 580 CR, 600 W)
ACT: 31
SAT II’s: 650 (Math Level 2), 620 (US History)
AP: 4’s and 3’s (US History, English Literature, English Language, World History)
Extra-Curriculars: Business Professionals Of America (Vice President), HOSA, JSA (Founder of chapter), National Honor Society, Aerospace Club (Founder), Math Club, Chess Club, Student Council (Community Service Chair), Asian-American Students Association (historian), Youth Leadership Organization (President/Founder), Intern with FUNCEDESCRI Organization (Raise money for malnourished countries like Guatemala), Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Soccer (Captain)
Honors/Awards: Nominated to join the National Youth Leadership Forum on National Defense, Participated and Nominated in NASA Texas Aerospace Scholars Program, AP Scholar, Honor Roll, 2nd Place BPA Regionals for Video Production/Financial Math, 6th Place UIL Academics Competition District for Social Studies and Current Events
Community Service: Volunteer with JPS Health Network Hospital, Carter Bloodcare Blood Drives, and Public Library (275+ Hours and counting)
Senior Courseload: AP Biology, AP Physics C, AP Calculus AB & BC (block class), AP Government, AP Macroeconomics, Engineering Design, Soccer, Independent Study in AP Microeconomics
Possible Hooks: First Generation College Student

I am planning to major in either history or political thought/social thought. Another question I had was do out of state admittances mostly come from the south (texas, louisiana, georgia etc) or eastern united states (delaware, maryland, pennsylvania)?


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Answer by ownpool
The general UVA undergraduate acceptance rate is 32%.

Virginia residence is a very important admission criterion.

Your SAT scores are below the 25th percentile in all three parts so they should not be submitted. If you apply, only the ACT score should be submitted.

Your chances of admission are probably slim given the strong in-state preference and your ACT score being around the 65th percentile. An ACT score above the 80th percentile might make a difference.

No out of state public university is worth the high out of state tuition in any case.

You will receive as good an education for much less money at the University of Texas-Austin.

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is Radford University all to hard to get into?

Question by 69NovaSS: is Radford University all to hard to get into?
I have like a 2.8 avg at Virginia western. Trying to pursue a bachelors in Buisness managment but do i have to have a associates before I can get in or can I finish my classes there for an associates and then pursue the bachelors?

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Answer by Jared P
You don’t need to have an associates before you transfer, but it will help your cause if you do. Radford does not offer an associates, but you can get your bachelors in BM there. If you have a B.A. nobody will worry about the associates degree. It’s not extremely hard to get into, but there is some competition. You may want to work a little and get your gpa up.

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