Doctor of Laws Hood (Hampden-Sydney College or Virginia Union University)

Doctor of Laws Hood (Hampden-Sydney College or Virginia Union University)
Colleges In Virginia
Image by VCU Libraries

Description(Physical Details): Hood presented to Dr. William Sanger in concert with an honorary Doctor of Laws degree, likely from either Hampden-Sydney College in 1926 or Virginia Union University in 1956. Hood is sewn from heavy fabric. Velvet trim is purple, the traditional color associated with law degrees. The rear of the hood is largely a bright orange, with rich blue stripes through the middle and meeting in the center to make a "V" formation. Under the name of the maker are sewn in three blocks of fabric with Dr. Sanger’s initials in large, stylized block capitals, "W," "T," and "S."

Manufacturer: Collegiate Cap and Gown Company

Date of Manufacture: 1926


Collection: Medical Artifacts Collection

Reference URL:,163

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