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I recently joined a hotels sales department. How can I increase/find/generate group sales in the business?

Question by elvis: I recently joined a hotels sales department. How can I increase/find/generate group sales in the business?
Are there any good internet resources or reading meterials? Where to look for potential customers and goverment businesses. January is a slow season here in northern Virginia. It is very critical for the business to generate more sales? Thank you all in advance.

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Answer by SAWGIRL
Looking on the Internet and reading a book is not the way to do it. You need to be creative, and think outside the box. First you create a target list. Companies, organizations, individuals who conduct or hold events that attract numerous people. Find out who is the person that makes all the arrangements. Then under each one list the events connected to each. for example. A Car dealership (GM) holds Christmas parties, sales seminars, new product information courses etc. and require banquet or meeting rooms. and possibly catering services. Often rooms are rented for out of town guests, and if it is a 2 or 3 day event , staying at the hotel is required. Offer incentives during off seasons, Advertise your services, amenities, in bridal magazines, for wedding receptions, maybe include the services of a bridal consultant to help plan the reception. Government holds seminars and meetings Christmas parties also. Market the hotels audio visual equipment, and other things that will make their event successful. That’s a start SELL SERVICES!!!

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hotels in arlington virginia?

Question by barry k: hotels in arlington virginia?

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Answer by julietravelcaster
You don’t say what level of hotel or what. There are three main areas where you might find hotels in Arlington, all near the Metro System. They are Crystal City, Rosslyn, and Ballston.

Crystal City has just about every chain hotel under the sun. Marriott, Radisson, Holiday Inn, Hyatt, Hilton, Sheraton, they are all there. One of Washington’s budget hotels, the Americana Inn is there also. There are also some hotels near nearby Pentagon City.

Rosslyn’s big hotel is the Key Bridge Marriott, right across the bridge from Georgetown, and a great choice. But expensive!

Ballston has a Renaissance, a Holiday Inn, a Hilton, and a Comfort Inn at least, and might be a bit more reasonably priced (at least the Holiday Inn and Comfort Inn). The Renaissance is right above the Metro Station, while the more reasonably priced hotels are a little walk away.

Ballston possibllly has more happening in the evening, and is less a hotel community than the other locations – although Rosslyn has some great restaurants.

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Hotels in Williamsburg, Virginia?

Question by Bethy: Hotels in Williamsburg, Virginia?
I’m going to go on a trip with my sister this summer to Williamsburg, VA. I’m 18 and have a credit card. She’s only 16. I’m sure some hotels are iffy about younger people due to hooligans sometimes throwing parties with underage drinking/drugs and whatnot…So, what hotels will let me rent a room in Williamsburg?

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Answer by jwhitakr
Since you are under 21, your best bet is to contact condo / cabin owners directly to see if they will rent to you. Very few hotels or motels will accept under 21 visitors.

Rather than give you a specific property name and location, I would suggest that you do some research on the available houses/condos, the prices and the locations. I have used in the past and it was quite helpful for narrowing down my choices and booking a few nights stay.

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how much do servers working at the hotels make? whats the best hotel to work at in Virginia.?

Question by SuperCobra: how much do servers working at the hotels make? whats the best hotel to work at in Virginia.?

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Answer by audioworld
they make minium wage

Best is the Hyatt in Crystal City, Va…a lot of celebs and great tip

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