Do you think these people in Virginia Beach should be arrested for harboring and aiding illegal aliens?

Question by Sci Fi Fan: Do you think these people in Virginia Beach should be arrested for harboring and aiding illegal aliens?
VA group enabling those who hire illegal aliens
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A common sight in Virginia Beach (sanctuary city)
APLast weekend, the Virginia Horticultural Foundation held a workshop geared towards owners of landscape companies entitled “Spanish for the Green Industry.” During the seminar held in Virginia Beach, instructors led their classes in basic Spanish lessons as well as Latin American culture.

VHF education coordinator, Dawn Alleman told the Virginian-Pilot they began offering the course four years ago because the workforce for the landscaping industry is dominated by those who speak only Spanish.

Alleman said: “If you want to be a foreman in those types of places, you’ve got to have a decent grasp of Spanish.”

One of the attendees, Tom Ritter, owner of Ritter Grounds Maintenance in Norfolk, VA, took the class so that he might be able to speak to his workers for the first time in ten years without the help of a translator.

Ritter said: “I just want to be able to communicate with them on a day-to-day basis.”

Course instructor, Yolima Carr, passed out a book she has written to the class which contains English-to-Spanish phrases which might be helpful to landscapers, such as: “Take out the weeds in the flower bed, edge the bed, then blow the leaves and the clippings.”

She reminded the business owners that the ‘immigrants’ working for them are from their homes and families, and that because of their Catholic beliefs, may need certain days off.

Carr, who is the gardens curator at the Hermitage Museum in Norfolk, suggested that the workers be allowed to play Mexican music, and should be complimented on their work (“Hiciste un buen trabajo”).

Attendees paid $ 160 each for the five hour class.

This is yet one more example of those who fail to see the need to hire U.S. citizens, when an illegal alien will do it for less. That philosophy may go a long way in lining the pockets of unscrupulous employers, but in a time when so many Americans have been laid off, it is just shy of treason.

By the way, the group offering the class, the Virginia Horticultural Foundation, operates as a non-profit and as such enjoys tax-exempt status. The class was given at the Founder’s Inn, Christian Broadcasting Network founder Pat Robertson’s hotel and resort.
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Answer by xXStarburstXx
i dont understand why people just wont come to america legally isnt it easier than swimming or sneeking over the borderline..

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Why is document fraud considered a victimless crime by illegal aliens?

Question by : Why is document fraud considered a victimless crime by illegal aliens?
How many victims would there have been if all these documents made the streets? How many victims are there for the ones that illegals have already purchased?

There is no way anyone who bought one of these I.D’s can say they have been scammed. They knew exactly what they were buying. What should be the punishment when caught with a forged or stolen I.D.?
Document mill for bogus IDs found in Norfolk

By Tim McGlone
The Virginian-Pilot
© January 27, 2010


Authorities say they have uncovered another so-called document mill that was producing hundreds of bogus identifications, Social Security cards and green cards enabling illegal immigrants to live and work here.

Three suspects charged with operating the ring appeared in U.S. District Court on Tuesday afternoon. A magistrate judge ordered them detained pending grand jury action.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents used confidential informants to infiltrate the ring and record conversations implicating the suspects in the production and sale of the phony documents, according to a court affidavit filed by an ICE agent.

One suspect worked out of a house on Galveston Boulevard near Wards Corner in Norfolk.

The three suspects each admitted to federal agents to producing and selling phony work and identification documents, generally for $ 150 per set, according to the affidavit filed by ICE special agent Kevin Hogancamp.

A search of computers and storage drives indicated that hundreds of documents had been produced and sold, the affidavit says.

The suspects – Patrocinio Castro-Quijano, Gerardo Ortega-Cortes and Onofre Dela Cruz-Vite – acknowledged to authorities that each is in the country illegally, the affidavit says.

Mike Netherland, special agent in charge of the Norfolk ICE office, said these kinds of phony documents are essential for illegal immigrants to move freely in the community. The documents are generally authentic looking, making them difficult for law enforcement and employers to realize they are fake.

The primary concern, he added, is national security.

“Anytime you have individuals producing documents that would be of interest to ICE,” he said, “obviously it is something of a concern with us.”

Last year, ICE agents arrested several other document producers, a lso using undercover informants.

Ricardo Reyes-Garcia and his partner, Carlomagno Garcia-Diaz, pleaded guilty to charges related to the sale of phony immigration documents. They also operated out of Norfolk, along Little Creek Road, as well as in the South Boston area of Virginia.

Another man was arrested and convicted of producing phony documents on the Peninsula.

In the current case, an informant acting as a broker recorded a sale of phony documents at a Norfolk home involving Dela Cruz-Vite, according to Hogancamp’s affidavit. When the buyer got into a vehicle with four others and drove off, the agents stopped them and took all five into custody. They were all determined to be here illegally and will be deported.

That led to the purchase of more documents by the informant in January.

Last Wednesday, the agents raided a house at an unidentified location in Norfolk and arrested the three suspects. One of the agents who had gone around back saw a Christmas stocking fly out a window. Inside, the agent found a computer thumb drive that contained 75 to 100 images of phony green cards, Social Security cards and driver’s licenses, with a different image on each.

Computer equipment found inside the house was set up to produce untold numbers of phony documents. One suspect admitted to the agents to selling 35 to 40 of sets of counterfeit documents, the affidavit says.

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Answer by BBQMan
sorry dear! I don’t ever hear anybody saying those things. You need to stop making things up. I doubt anybody on here believes you anymore. I don’t frequent this section to often, but when I do, I run into atleast 5 of your questions.

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Do any of you see a problem here Virginia lawmaker sponsors bill banning illegal aliens from public college?

Question by : Do any of you see a problem here Virginia lawmaker sponsors bill banning illegal aliens from public college?
Del. Christopher Peace (R-Mechanicsville) is sponsoring a bill which would prohibit illegal aliens from attending any of Virginia’s public two-year or four-year colleges and universities.

While federal law states that illegal aliens are not eligible for in-state tuition rates, there is no law banning them from attending publicly-subsidized schools.

Under current Virginia law, public universities may decide whether or not to admit illegal aliens as long as they are charged out-of-state tuition.

If HB 1465 becomes law, Virginia will join South Carolina, Georgia institutions, Alabama in banning illegal aliens from taxpayer-supported colleges.

Continue reading on Virginia lawmaker sponsors bill banning illegal aliens from public colleges – Virginia Beach Conservative |

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Answer by American citizen and taxpayer
I don’t, no.

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How is this for good news Beach system for illegal workers would affect about 175 vendors we making progress?

Question by I’m gonna start another riot: How is this for good news Beach system for illegal workers would affect about 175 vendors we making progress?
In about a week, Beach officials will be given the authority to audit new contractors to ensure they don’t hire illegal workers. But many of the details – including under what circumstances an investigation would be launched and what documents city officials will use to verify immigration status – remain unclear.

“It’s not mapped out exactly how we would do it,” City Attorney Les Lilley said.

The audits are part of guidelines announced by Beach officials and approved by the City Council last week. Vendors also will have to certify that they don’t hire illegal immigrants.

The clauses will be included in all new city contracts for more than $ 50,000 and will affect about 175 vendors who perform construction, software development, janitorial and landscape management work for Virginia Beach.

The city has standards in place to deal with issues such as vendor complaints about the bidding process, but not immigration, said Joanne Griggs, Virginia Beach’s auditor.

“This is new territory,” Griggs said. “I would want to make sure that we have a very tight process so the outcome is fair to any individual living and working in this city.”

Depending on the procedures, the city’s four auditors might need some additional resources and training, Griggs said.

This is the second policy targeting illegal immigration that Virginia Beach has adopted since two teens were killed last spring by a drunken driver who was an illegal immigrant. The case drew national media attention, and anti-illegal-immigration advocacy groups pressed city officials for action.

In May, police officers began asking everybody they arrested whether they were in the country legally.

Virginia Beach Sheriff Paul Lanteigne said the new policy might be the reason for the increasing number of illegal immigrants in the city’s jail. In May, the jail housed 23 illegal immigrants; by October there were 72 illegal immigrants reported, Lanteigne said.

Alicia Fernandez-Bobulinski, director of Hispanic outreach for the Making a Difference Foundation, said she has heard that officers are asking immigration status questions prior to making an arrest, in instances such as traffic stops.

“Faith is being lost,” Fernandez-Bobulinski said. “The administration is saying one thing, and another thing is happening on the street.”

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Answer by Flower Girl
Seems like they are there

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Do you agree with ICE using any means to locate and capture illegal aliens?

Question by : Do you agree with ICE using any means to locate and capture illegal aliens?
Police and other agencies use sting operations and undercover alias’ all the time. Why should ICE not be allowed to use any means possible to round up these illegals who are breaking the law?

Immigration agents suspected of posing as LDS missionaries

By Kristen Moulton

The Salt Lake Tribune
Updated: 12/28/2009 05:26:57 PM MST

The American Civil Liberties Union is raising the suspicion that federal immigration agents posed as Mormon missionaries to try to nab undocumented immigrants.

The allegation was made by a California professor writing in a recent edition of The Nation magazine who quoted Marina Lowe, an ACLU staff attorney in Salt Lake City.

The article, posted online Dec. 17, asserted that ICE agents throughout the nation use all kinds of ruses, including posing as missionaries and insurance agents.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Virginia Tice on Monday said the allegation that agents pretend to be missionaries is “patently untrue.”

Lowe told The Salt Lake Tribune that she had little to go on when a woman living along the Wasatch Front reported last spring that ICE agents may have posed as LDS missionaries.

The woman, who was suspicious of other visitors seeking her husband around the same time, said two people dressed like missionaries but lacking black name badges commonly worn by Mormon emissaries, came to her door, Lowe said.

“It was purely her impression,” Lowe said. “She was very suspicious.”

The day after she confirmed for the visitors that her husband lived there, the article said, he was arrested by ICE agents.

Visitors seeking her husband previously about an insurance matter, however, left a phone number.

Lowe said that when she telephoned the number, the man who answered ultimately acknowledged he was an ICE agent.

“He said they use whatever tactics they can to get someone to talk to them,” Lowe said.

The ACLU attorney said she was not able to probe the woman’s suspicion about visitors dressed like missionaries because they left no contact information.

The report echoed similar anecdotes from the immigrant community in Utah County, she said. “It’s hard to get to the bottom of [these stories]. People are very worried about coming forth with their story.”

But Tice said the two top ICE officials in Utah deny their agents ever pose as missionaries.

“The thing that’s troubling about this is it is causing significant anxiety in the Mormon community, which is appropriate,” Tice said. “But it’s patently and completely false.”

LDS Church spokeswoman Kim Farah declined comment. “The church cannot comment on unsubstantiated allegations,” she wrote Monday in an e-mail.

Aaron Tarin, an immigration attorney in West Jordan and a Mormon, was quoted in The Nation story.

“If this gets out,” Tarin told the magazine, “it could have a catastrophic effect on missionaries’ work in Utah, and it can really put missionaries in danger. Aliens could get hostile and offensive.”

Tarin did not return a phone call Monday seeking comment.

The article by Jacqueline Stevens, a University of California at Santa Barbara professor in the law and society program, detailed instances in which ICE agents allegedly impersonated OSHA inspectors, insurance agents and religious workers.

“The effect,” she wrote, “is to corrode trust in the government, neighbors — and even Mormons.”

Contacted by The Tribune , Stevens was dubious of ICE’s denials. “How do we know it’s not part of their ruse operation to lie about ruse operations?”

When Stevens was preparing her article, she asked ICE whether it is consistent with government policy for its agents to pose as religious workers. The e-mailed answer did not deny such ruses, but instead said tactics are effective to enhance officer safety.

“They told me it’s consistent with their policy,” Stevens said. “Why would I doubt it?”

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Answer by Anti Censorship
Yes, its good they are finally doing something about the illegal alien problem. 12 million is no small number you know, hell Switzerland only has a population of 3 million! We have 4x the number of illegals than Switzerland has people in it!

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