Haiti Crisis – Economic Insanity – Forced Chip Implants – NWO – Prophecy (Trunews 2010 Week 8)

Week 8 of Trunews in 2010: The Daily Reckoning’s Rocky Vega talks on the economic meltdown, Miki Booth talks about Barak Obama’s Illegal Alien Status, Virginia Republican Delegate Mark Cole on banning forced implants, Jeffrey Smith talks about the dangers of GMOs, Ryan Mauro on encroaching national issues, Regine Francois tells her firsthand account of the Haiti earthquake, and finally Rick Wiles and Jim Haddock share great news about the mission trip to Haiti and explore prophecy in the Book of Daniel. SHOW #1 youtube.com Monday February 15, 2010 Guest: Rocky Vega and Miki Booth Topic: Fiscal irresponsibility, a shaky Euro, and global economics are discussed today with The Daily Reckoning’s Rocky Vega. Founder of the Route 66 TEA Party, Miki Booth is running for the US House District 2 in Oklahama. She joins us today to discuss the various problems with Barak Obama’s citizenship status Related: dailyreckoning.com www.mikiboothforcongress.com http SHOW #2 youtu.be Tuesday February 16, 2010 Guest: Mark Cole ( R-Va ) and Jeffrey Smith Topic: Virginia Republican Delegate Mark Cole successfully spearheaded legislature that would ban forced microchip implants in his state and Jeffrey Smith discusses the dangers of GMO’s Related: www.cbsnews.com www.nongmoshoppingguide.com www.responsibletechnology.org SHOW #3 youtu.be Wednesday February 17, 2010 Guest: Ryan Mauro and Regine Francois Topic: National security, the threat from radical Islam, and and the ever growing surveillance