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Attorney, Michele Lewane of Injured Workers’ Law Firm, tell injured workers’ that they need to be careful to get all the benefits that are coming to them, for example mileage reimbursement for the injured worker going to doctors’ appointments.
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Would being injured at work function go under workman’s compensation?

Question by Angel M: Would being injured at work function go under workman’s compensation?
Hello. I work for a small 501(c)3 in Virginia and I am the director of Special Events. I was recently given the task to host assemble our first benefit concert. During the event, which I was required to attend), I carelessly tripped on the steps and did serious damage to my left ankle.

My director was there to witness the incident, but never had me fill out an incident form or brought up workmans compensations. To be honest, I don’t think we even have accident forms…we don’t even have an HR department. Every doctor I have seen I have explained that I was at a work event when it happened, but no one has ever asked about workman’s comp. I’ve already shelled out money in doctors bills and missed work. Wouldn’t this be something that workers compensation should have to cover?

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Answer by mbrcatz
It’s going to depend on your state laws, but generally, if you were required to be there as part of your job, it would be a workers compensable claim.

File the claim.

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