Sprint: Plug into Now. (Interactive Advertising Campaign) / 2010-01-11 / SML Screenshots

A few nice Network advertising images I found:

Sprint: Plug into Now. (Interactive Advertising Campaign) / 2010-01-11 / SML Screenshots
Network advertising
Image by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
Screenshot: now.sprint.com/widget/

Sprint launched an interactive advertising campaign to promote their mobile broadband network called Now.

The site is realized as a cluster of widget panels, each of which displays one aspects of what’s happening in the world. Rolling each widget gives a bit of data about the world.

Particularly interesting to me is the very witty copy which comes with the voice over. The sound design is also very well done, which mimics the ambience aboard a spaceship. Nice animation. Overall it’s a well executed site. Kudos to the team who created this!

+ Aaron Dietz, art director
+ Mandy Dietz, writer
+ Christian Haas, creative director
+ Rich Silverstein, executive creative director
+ Tena Goy/Margaret McLaughlin, producers
+ Derek Richmond, executive producer
+ Mike Kellogg, FaceFaceFace, project design and development
+ Goodby, Silverstein & Partners (San Francisco, CA), ad agency

via Didier Lahely on Friendfeed – SML Thank You!

Digital networks
Network advertising
Image by Toban Black
I blurred out two parts of the ad that promise to save people money.

Those portions of the ad suggest that you can save money while spending it;
but I posted this photo to highlight the rest of the ad.