Nicked/Cut Ureter Injury: Virginia Medical Malpractice Lawyer Nicked or Cut Ureter Injuries: A Virginia Medical Malpractice Lawyer Offers Advice. Jim Lewis, a Virginia medical malpractice attorney, explains how cut/nicked/perforated ureters can lead to kidney damage and other serious health issues. Jim has practiced medical malpractice injury law for over 20 years and has handled multiple cases involving clients who suffered serious side effects from cut/perforated colons or ureters. To learn more, visit our site and download a free consumer report discussing tips and suggestions for avoiding becoming a surgical error victim.  

Personal Injury – Do I Need a Lawyer? Fairfax, VA When do you need a lawyer to handle your personal injury case from an automobile accident? Why not keep all the money and save the attorney’s fee? In this video Edward Gross of Gross & Romanick, PC, a Fairfax Virginia law firm, discusses when to hire a lawyer and when to do it yourself. The video gives practical advice on handling your own claim. It also explains lawyer’s fees and what sevices an experienced law firm can provide that a lay person probably cannot do. If you’re in the Washington DC area and need a lawyer consider Gross & Romanick, PC. http
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Can anyone recommend a divorce lawyer near Alexandria, Virginia?

Question by Heather H: Can anyone recommend a divorce lawyer near Alexandria, Virginia?
I’m looking to find a good lawyer that practices in or around the Alexandria/Springfield area. I’m hoping this divorce isn’t particularly complicated, but knowing my soon-to-be-ex, you never know. I’m also hoping to find someone that isn’t going to cost me a fortune.

Anyone have any tips or suggestions?

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Answer by Queen of Weddings
I would suggest Nicholas Balland in Arlington Va, also if you want it to be done, quick, I would try legal aid of Fairfax County.

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Virginia Divorce│Omitted Property in Separation Agreement by Virginia Divorce Lawyer Omitted Property. What happens in an agreement when you fail to mention property that’s been omitted in the agreement. Normally, if you fail to discuss it then it’s probably going to the person who has title or ownership to the property. One of the clauses you might want to put in your Separation Agreement is an Omitted Property Clause. This clause will spell out what is going to happen to any property that was omitted purposely or by accident.
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Does a minor have to pay for a lawyer in Virginia?

Question by Ravyn: Does a minor have to pay for a lawyer in Virginia?
If a minor goes to court over something do they have to pay for their lawyer or are they provided one by the court or social services
someone is petitioning for emancipation. do they need to pay for a lawyer or can they have one provided for them

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Answer by Teekno
It depends on what they go to court for.

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where can i find a cheap lawyer in virginia beach?

Question by tealtop1: where can i find a cheap lawyer in virginia beach?
i need a patent and i can’t do that w/o a lawyer, does anyone know how i can get one?

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Answer by Lori
Ever hear the saying “you get what you pay for”?

That said, however, you may want to try contacting a law school in the area to see if they provide any free/discounted services by using law students, supervised by attorneys/professors.

Virginia has a total of eight law schools. The two closest to Virginia Beach are The Marshall-Wythe School of Law at The College of William and Mary ( and Regent University School of Law (

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West Virginia Veterans Disability Attorney Charleston VA Benefits Lawyer 866-293-8442 Jan Dils Attorneys at Law helps veterans in West Virginia and nationwide with their VA disability claims and appeals. If you need help getting your VA benefits, contact the attorneys for representation right away.
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Trade secrets: Virginia Trial Lawyer David Kaufman Explains How to Protect Them Many companies are faced with the prospect of having an employee steal their trade secrets. as a business owner, how do you protect yourself and that your trade secrets remain secret? Business dispute lawyer David Kaufman explains some basic steps you can take in order to protect your trade secrets from unscrupulous employees. Learn from someone who has tremendous experience litigating trade secret disputes. watch the video to find out more. If your company has trade secrets that need to be protected, the best advice you can receive is from an experienced trial lawyer who’s answered this question many times before. don’t guess about how to protect your trade secrets. Get up-to-date legal advice from a litigator who is not afraid to go the distance and go to trial. If you have concerns about protecting your trade secrets, I strongly encourage you to explore my website and call me. I can answer your legal questions. David is an experienced business trial lawyer handling cases in Washington, Virginia, Maryland, and throughout the country. To find out how his experience can help you protect your trade secrets, call them directly at 703-764-9080. David Kaufman Kaufman Law 11350 Random Hills Road Suite 800 Fairfax, VA 22030 Tel: 703-764-9080 Fax: 703-764.0014 Email: Web Site: