A Message from Fr. Benedict Groeschel

There is a crisis in Catholic higher education today. Many Catholic colleges have abandoned the Faith and have become very secular. But there are a handful of schools that remain faithful to the Church and offer strong academic programs emphasizing Catholic philosophy and theology. One such college is Christendom College. It has the mission of working to restore all things in Christ. It achieves this by educating its students with a rigorous core curriculum, teaching everything with a Catholic worldview, and by immersing its students in a truly Catholic culture. I’ve been to the campus numerous times and have always been impressed with what I’ve seen. I heartily recommend Christendom College to anyone seeking an education guided by Faith and reason and I ask you to consider learning more about this great College which is worthy of both your financial and spiritual support.
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Medical College of Virginia — post card’s message

Medical College of Virginia — post card’s message
Colleges In Virginia
Image by News Fedora
At an antique shop we visited in New York, my fiancee found some old post cards from the mid-20th century showing some sort-of familiar landmarks.

The back of the Richmond postcard had been used! I wonder just how old this card is.