Mark 8 Microcomputer by Roy Justus

Mark_8 & http 1-540-808-2880 – floydlcfgroup@gmail – PO box 179 Floyd,Virginia 24091 Mark 8 — LCF School Floyd Virginia I first learned to program a computer by taking a class at Virginia Tech which taught Fortran IV on the IBM370 main frame using punch cards for data entry. The year was 1978 and it was an enjoyable class. We worked at our own pace and graded on our mastery of the subject as measured by how many programs we completed and how well we solved the problem in logic given. Then came video terminals in place of the punch cards for a chemistry class. Very cool stuff. I spent many late hours at those old HP terminals running simulations of NMR spectra and chemical composition problems. I left Tech in 1980 and took a job as a lab technician and operator at a local waste water treatment plant. I wasn’t seriously going to take the job at first but I went to check it out anyway. When I got there I talked to the superintendent and looked around. I walked into a room filled with analog controllers, strip chart recorders and alarm systems and I changed my mind about taking the job. It was a fine opportunity to learn more about process control and analog electronics. I went back to tech in 1984 and took some digital electronics classes taught under Mr David Larsen and Dr. Paul Field. Just about that time the plant I worked at began to be upgraded with digital electronic controllers and we received our first IBM PC. Actually it was a Radio Shack model