Real Estate Short Sale vs Foreclosure – Experts Negotiate with Bank – If facing foreclosure call a short sale expert and get working on your short sale today – Part 4 – The lenders, its the loss mitigation departments that youre dealing directly, with the two of you doing the negotiations on behalf of the homeowner. Good, and then do you contact the lender immediately when someone calls you, and were going to talk about when they should call you in just a few minutes, but when the homeowner calls you do you immediately contact the lender and find out when the foreclosure date is and try to get that pushed back? We do that as soon as possible, we can check the foreclosure date on tax records, if there is one that has been set, but there is some paperwork that is involved before we can contact the lender, because the lender will not just speak to anyone on behalf of the homeowner. You can get a lawyer and they will not talk to your lawyer unless they have authorization in writing from you the homeowner to speak about their financial situation and their mortgage on their behalf. So we do have some paperwork that we have clients do and the first thing is the authorization letter, as soon as we have that we can begin speaking to them on your behalf. So Kalyn the next question is, when should someone start the process? Now. Honestly if youre listening to us right now and this is striking any sort of nerve you should be calling us. If you have concerns about being able to afford your home, or you cant sell it, if
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