George Columbo – Making The Internet Work For You (Newbie Tips Revisited)

George Columbo shares his insights on ways you can make the internet work for you in your career, or business. George Colombo has been one of the country’s most sought-after speakers on the subject of technology-enabled sales and marketing. His specialty is making technology easy to understand. George concentrates on the real-world application of technology to growing sales, enhancing marketing effectiveness, and building customer relationships. In addition to a busy speaking schedule, George also does extensive television and audio work for a blue-chip client list, several major software companies, and a number of trade associations. George was recently named one of the “Ten Most Influential People” in the history of the Customer Relationship Management industry by that industry’s leading trade publication. George’s latest book “Capturing”, is about integrating new technologies-including the Internet-into existing sales and marketing efforts. This podcast was taken from the personal development library of David Hoffman, and offered to participants of his JOBFORCE(r) brand of employment, training, and placement services. Hoffman encourages you to listen to this podcast while you commute, workout, do chores, or any other task to ‘feed your mind’ to positive content that will help you cure what Hoffman calls “..stinkin’ thinkin’!”. Great food for thought! You can find more books by George Columbo here:
Video Rating: 5 / 5