TEDxPennQuarter 2011 – Vijay Ravindran – Reinventing The Newspaper

Vijay Ravindran joined The Washington Post Company as senior vice president and chief digital officer in February 2009. In his role, Ravindran focuses on digital news product development. Ravindran founded and leads WaPo Labs, which develops experimental news products, including the personalized news aggregation site Trove. Ravindran also serves in various leadership roles at SocialCode (the leading Facebook-dedicated advertising agency), The Washington Post’s online initiatives, Slate, Avenue100 Solutions (a leading analytics-based performance marketing company), and Ongo (a Company investment). Previously, as chief technology officer of Catalist LLC, a start-up political technology company that built a national voter database and data mining tools for political campaigns, Ravindran led all the technology aspects of developing the company’s software products. He joined Catalist at its inception in late 2005. During the 2008 election cycle, Catalist clients included the Obama for America and Hillary Clinton presidential campaigns. Prior to Catalist, Ravindran was a technology director at Amazon.com. From 2003 to 2005, he led the ordering services group; the department was responsible for consumer purchasing on all Amazon properties. This included the product development and operations for “Shopping Cart,” “Checkout,” “1-Click” and “Your Account,” as well as the initial creation and management of “Amazon Prime.” From 2001 to 2003, he built and led the teams that owned the
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where can i get a copy of an old newspaper for sale? i need march 5, 1978, roanoke times or roanoke times and?

Question by craftymom123: where can i get a copy of an old newspaper for sale? i need march 5, 1978, roanoke times or roanoke times and?
and world news. this is to be a birthday present for my now almost 30 yr. old daughter. we both think of roanoke virginia as home. she was born there and i moved there in 1974, and loved it. i am willing to send for the paper and pay for it and shipping. if anyone would know of a web site i can check or go to the help would be appreciated.

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Answer by ssmesq
Have you tried calling the paper?

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