I think Obama’s travel schedule shows the writing is on the wall?

Question by I trust the media.: I think Obama’s travel schedule shows the writing is on the wall?
Today: Wisconsin, Nevada, Colorado
Saturday: Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa , Virginia
Sunday: New Hampshire, Florida, Ohio, Colorado
Monday: Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa


Today: Virginia
Friday: Wisconsin, Ohio
Saturday: Iowa, New Hampshire, Colorado
Monday: New Hampshire

Who seems to be more panicked here?

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Answer by FLSwampBoy
Who seems to be working harder since it’s going to be a close election?

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Obama’s Health Care starts to save lives, but Republicans pledge to dismantle it.

President Barack Obama was back defending his historic health care reforms Wednesday, as key elements of the important law came into effect despite Republican pledges to dismantle the new system. The legislation was helping end the “horrendous” vulnerability of millions of uninsured Americans who had been denied coverage, unfairly dropped from company plans, or were simply unable to afford insurance, Obama said. Health care reform was “the most important patients bill of rights that we’ve ever seen in our history,” Obama told a backyard meeting of residents in the town of Falls Church, Virginia. Insurance companies can no longer drop clients once they become ill, impose a lifetime limit on how much they will pay out to a client, or refuse coverage to children with pre-existing conditions. But Republicans have vowed to repeal the reforms. Obama vowed to fight back, and pointed out that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has said the measure will save taxpayers mountains of cash at a time of steep deficits. “Why would you want to repeal something that the CBO says will save us a trillion dollars, if you’re serious about the deficit?” Obama told his handpicked audience at a local home. “It doesn’t make sense. It makes sense in terms of politics and polls, it doesn’t make sense in terms of actually making people’s life better.” The White House, in a statement hours earlier, said the Patient’s Bill of Rights put “an end to some of the worst insurance company abuses, and
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Did you know Barack Obama’s ‘Church’ encourages same sex unions?

Question by Ja W: Did you know Barack Obama’s ‘Church’ encourages same sex unions?
Senator Obama’s Church even has a ‘pastor’ with the responsibility for ‘SAME-GENDER LOVING COUPLES’. G

Rev. Stacey Edwards
Associate Pastor for the Singles Ministries and the Drill Team Ministry

Rev. Stacey L. Edwards was appointed the Associate Pastor to the Singles in August of 2002. As Pastor to the Singles, “Rev. Stacey” is responsible for and committed to providing spiritual guidance, support as well as overseeing programs designed to minister to the holistic needs of unmarried men and women who are never-married, divorced, widowed, single parents and same-gender loving. Rev. Stacey also serves as one of the chairs for our Singles Conference which serves as a magnet for Singles throughout the country, provides spiritual direction for the Drill Team Ministries, partners in weekly worship services and provides preachment in the absence of the Senior Pastor. Rev. Stacey Edwards received her Master of Divinity (Cum Laude) from the Samuel Dewitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Chemistry/Biology as well as a Master of Public Health from Indiana University.

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Answer by fsfa
Not suprising.

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NewsMakers: President Obama’s Speech at Wakefield High School

President Obama gave a speech to encourage students to take responsibility for their education at Wakefield High School in Arlington Virginia. The speech was broadcast to schools National TV around the US. Arlington Virginia Network were also there to record the historic event.
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