Kentucky Farm Land Mobile Home for sale – owner will finance Danville, KY

more images and info at 859-319-5000 Mobile Homes for sale in Kentucky KY Super nice manufactured home – in one of our best communities. 2 miles to Super Wal-Mart, Office Depot, Lowe’s and Starbucks – this location couldn’t be better. 14×80 manufactured home, 3 large brs, 2 baths, Fireplace with Italian, Black Marble Hearth, garden tub, deck, massive 14′ Master BR, move in condition – end of the street – end lot with huge yard for flowers, garden, etc. Oakview Commons offers Pro Volleyball, tetherball – for kids of all ages ;-), BBQ grill, picnic table, fire pit, horseshoes, 3 plank-horse fence, school bus shelter, soda machine, 24 hr lighting, Community living, etc – I could go on and on. Oakview Commons is a must-see Community and this is a Must-See home.

Danville, KY mobile home Owner will Finance near WalMart and Centre College for more info and prices. 2 miles to WalMart SuperCenter, Cracker Barrel, McDs, Office Depot, etc, etc, etc. Call today – this home will not last long on the market. 859-319-5000 or 4000 859-319-5000 Mobile Homes for sale in Kentucky
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Foreclosure Angel: Stranger Buys Foreclosed House at Auction and Gave it back to Owner!

Foreclosure Angel A woman buys a stranger’s foreclosed home… and gives it back to her. If you want to know more about this angel contact her on facebook and send her a message here: Marilyn Mock Says ‘People Need to Help Each Other’ By JONANN BRADY Tracy Pottsboro lost her job and then her home when she couldn’t make mortgage payments. On Saturday, she watched as her home was auctioned off in Dallas. “The final farewell to my house,” Pottsboro said. “It means so much to all of us. It’s not just a house.” Auctions on foreclosed houses are an opportunity for some and agony for those who’ve lost their homes. From July through September of this year, more than 2700 Americans lost their homes to foreclosure every day, according to The Associated Press. In Texas, almost 9200 homes entered the foreclosure process in September. On Saturday, Pottsboro took her seat among the crowd, waiting for house No. 73 to be called. Marilyn Mock, a small-business owner from Rockwall, Texas, had accompanied her son, who was interested in buying a house, to the auction that day. Mock was sitting near Pottsboro and noticed that she was upset. “She was crying, and I asked her what is she upset about, and you know, she lost her house,” Mock said. When the No. 73 came up and the auction began, Mock said she asked Pottsboro, “Is it worth it?” “She said yes. & I just kept taking her word,” Mock said. Mock ended up winning the auction, with a bid of about 000. And just like that

How long would it take to evict former owner (but current occupant) of house acquired in short sale, in VA?

Question by Justin F: How long would it take to evict former owner (but current occupant) of house acquired in short sale, in VA?
A bank has approved our offer for a short sale of a home in pre-foreclosure. The current owner of the property has told us he will only move forward with settlement if he can have two months free rent back while he finds someplace to go. If it came down to it, and I accepted this offer, to what lengths could the current owner extend his stay beyond those two months–through filing bankruptcies, or other legal means that could prevent me from moving forward with an eviction? Clearly, I am not going to move forward unless I KNOW that I can control when he vacates the property. How long could he potentially “squat”, once I settle on the house, before I could have him evicted? Again–for you legal experts out there–this is in the state of Virginia.


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Answer by goz1111
at the most if you file for eviction one day after two months would be three weeks, without knowing the state on the day after on the two months file eviction which should take three weeks

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