(part 6) Indigenous Native American History 101

Indigenous Native American History 101 (part 6) Educational clip of “Priates to Privateers to Corporations” taught to students in Canada. Great piece on how France, England, and the 13 Colonies manuvered to steal Native American Land. Mystery of the Crown, the Duke of Windsor was a Nazi. The Protestant Reformation, the Pope donates the western hemisphere to the Spanish crown. Queen Elizabeth as Virginia.
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Why is West Virginia no longer a part of Virginia?

Question by Gymnast22500: Why is West Virginia no longer a part of Virginia?
My teacher and my class were looking at a map of the U.S. and we noticed that Virginia was a lot larger then it is on a present day map. I told my teacher this and she told me to look it up over the weekend and I can’t find an answer.

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Answer by Sarah
One of the governors of Virginia wanted to cut out a piece that looked like a flower (which became West Virginia) to show his wife for their 40th anniversary.

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WildcatWorld.com – In My Own Words: John Calipari, Part 3

Follow me on twitter: twitter.com Part 3 of 5 of a 60-minute interview special spotlighting the University of Kentucky mens basketball coach, one of the all-time winningest coaches in NCAA basketball history. In My Own Words: John Calipari chronicles Caliparis upbringing in western Pennsylvania and West Virginia and his early introduction to coaching, when as a high school student he coached grade school teams to gain a better understanding of the game. In the FOX Sports South original program, which is interspersed with footage of Calipari on the practice court and fans camped outside of Memorial Coliseum for tickets to Big Blue Madness, Calipari talks about the coaching journey that brought him to the hallowed basketball grounds of the University of Kentucky and the legacy he hopes to leave not only with the Wildcats program but also with the game of basketball.

Spectre 341 Challenge 2011 Part 1 – Intro The Hill

It’s a race that defies logic — an old Nevada mining town straight out of a Sergio Leone Western flick, a wild cast of characters, German supercars, Italian exotics, home-brewed racers, vintage muscle cars and even a few helicopter cameraships — all racing up a 5.2 mile mountain road with 500-foot drop-offs and no guard rails. The 2011 Speed by Spectre 341 Challenge hill climb, held in Virginia City, Nevada (aka the Nürburgring of Nevada) is in the record books, logging 48 drivers, 391 runs and five new members of the exclusive Spectre 3:41 Club. It was a wild success.
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Hokie Pride 2008: Part 1 of 3 “The Rebuilding”

download all parts at hosted.filefront.com This is a Band of Brothers style video. Part 1 of 3 total parts is called The Rebuilding. It showcases highlights of the season early on as the young hokie team takes the field with many questions about the future of the team. Showcases highlights from ECU, Furman, Western Kentucky, UNC, Georgia Tech. Part 2, called “Growing Up” will showcase the heart of Virginia Techs 2008 schedule as the young team will have to grow up fast with a trip to Memorial Stadium vs Nebraska followed by BC, FSU, Miami, Maryland, and UVA Music: “Band of Brothers Theme”- Unknown “Woad To Ruin”- Hans Zimmer Videos From: links on hokiestone.net Go Hokies!
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Loan Modification – Part 4: Home Mortgage Bailout – Real Estate Foreclosure Prevention Process

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Your College Choices – Part 3: Residential Colleges

A residential college is much more than just a university with campus housing. It’s a college where students’ day-to-day living is part of their educational experience. The colleges where students reside organize lectures and other learning experiences in addition to social events. This style of living is meant to provide students with a strong sense of community, a chance to interact with a wide range of other students, and the opportunity to develop close relationships with faculty. Only a small number of US colleges offer a true residential option. They include Harvard, Yale, Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania, Middlebury, the University of Virginia, Rice University, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Northwestern University. Pluses: A close community that leads to life-long friendships. A stimulating and integrated learning and living environment. Minuses: Communities may be too close-knit for some tastes. Limited living, dining, and entertainment choices. May be expensive.
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