Fear – 1×01 – West Virginia State Penitentiary (Part 1/7)

WEST VIRGINIA STATE PENITENTIARY Sixpeople have been sent to a place they’ve never been before to determine if it is haunted. They record their own experiences. There is no film crew. They are alone. The people are real. The place is real. The fear is real.
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Mock Prison Riot 2009 – West Virginia Penitentiary 3D Model

Valador, Inc. unveiled the 3D Model of the West Virginia Penitentiary at the 2009 Mock Prison Riot that took place between May 2nd and 5th. The software is available at the following address: mockprisonriot.org The 3D Model of the West Virginia Penitentiary was developed to support teams participating in the Mock Prison Riot held annually in Moundsville, West Virginia. The penitentiary began operation in 1876 and no detailed blueprints of the prison exist. Valador used advanced light detection and ranging (LIDAR) technology to produce detailed maps of the penitentiary training environments and then integrated these maps into PC game engine technology. The resulting 3D Model of the West Virginia Penitentiary allows users to virtually walk around the penitentiary training environments, take measurements, and get a tactical overview of their surroundings. This is all done using an off-the-shelf PC.
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