Personal Injury – Do I Need a Lawyer? Fairfax, VA When do you need a lawyer to handle your personal injury case from an automobile accident? Why not keep all the money and save the attorney’s fee? In this video Edward Gross of Gross & Romanick, PC, a Fairfax Virginia law firm, discusses when to hire a lawyer and when to do it yourself. The video gives practical advice on handling your own claim. It also explains lawyer’s fees and what sevices an experienced law firm can provide that a lay person probably cannot do. If you’re in the Washington DC area and need a lawyer consider Gross & Romanick, PC. http
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Huntington Personal Injury Attorneys – Cyrus & Adkins – West Virginia Accident Lawyers

Among West Virginia’s Top Law Firms – Cyrus & Adkins Attorneys at Law The main focus of our practice is representing clients with personal injury cases resulting from accidents such as automobile, trucking, 18 wheeler and railroad crossing. Other areas of practice include: FELA claims, premise liability, traumatic brain injury, wrongful death, disability claims, insurance law, general litigation, defective products, medical malpractice and criminal defense.

The Personal Injury Fraud Victory Dance

Pam and Tony, Virginia’s nosy insurance fraud fighters, are at it again. On the lookout for fraud, they spot a woman who falsely claimed she’d been injured while shopping. Her victory dance is cut short as Pam and Tony show off their fraud-fighting moves….When you report insurance fraud in Virginia, you might just feel like dancing yourself – you could be eligible to receive a reward of up to 000. Visit for more info.

Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer Explains Symptoms of a Mild

The more hidden brain injury (mild traumatic brain injury) really has no physical appearance on the head or the face. If there is a trauma to the head or neck the brain moves so quickly in the skull that it suffers an injury that does not show up in scans. It usually is recognized by a person close to the victim who notices changes in personality or memory. If you know someone who has suffered any type of head trauma and you notice changes, ask them to seek medical attention. Contact Shapiro, Cooper, Lewis & Appleton at (800) 752-0042 or
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Chesterfield, Virginia Personal Injury Attorney Trent Kerns Discusses Car and Automobile Accidents Car accidents can cause serious and sometimes devastating injuries. These can range from cuts, bruises, and soft tissue injuries to catastrophic injuries including head, neck, spinal cord and, brain injuries. How will you pay your medical bills? How will you support your family while you recover? These are some of the questions people injured in auto accidents ask themselves. The car accident lawyers at Allen and Allen can help by providing answers to these questions and by offering advice regarding your legal rights and remedies when you are involved in a car accident or any other type of accident.
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Signs of Traumatic Brain Concussion -Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer James Parrish James Parrish of The Parrish Law Firm in Fairfax, Prince William, and Fauquier Counties explains the various symptoms that can occur after a traumatic brain concussion injury.

Wrongful Death Lawsuits | Norfolk, Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer

The Virginia wrongful death lawyers at the Law Offices of Richard J. Serpe, PC have obtained outstanding results representing families who have suffered the loss of a loved one caused by someone else’s negligence. In Virginia, a special law called the “Virginia Wrongful Death Act” provides a framework to provide certain enumerated family members for the losses they have suffered from these deaths. The Virginia wrongful death lawyers at our firm have helped families obtain compensation for losses; including sorrow, loss of services, protection and care, fuel expenses, and punitive (or punishment) damages where death results from the willful or wanton conduct or recklessness of the defendant.
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The Personal Property Fraud Victory Dance

Criminals who commit insurance fraud just can’t catch a break. Pam and Tony, Virginia’s nosy insurance fraud fighters, are on the trail of a woman who pawned a diamond ring, then said it was stolen so she could claim it on her insurance policy. Her celebrating ends when Pam and Tony take over the dance floor for their own crime-fighting victory dance. When you report insurance fraud in Virginia, you could be eligible to receive a reward of up to 000. Visit for more info.

C. James Williams III – Personal Injury Lawyer Midlothian VA

Jim Williams joined Burnett & Williams in 2006 and operates out of Midlothian and Hopewell, Virginia. Jim has extensive legal experience, both as a plaintiff and defense attorney. His experience as a trial attorney with a large insurance company gives him tremendous expertise in the complexities of Virginia insurance law, which is perhaps the most difficult area of law encountered by personal injury lawyers. Jim began his legal career with a prestigious assignment as a law clerk to a federal trial judge in Roanoke, Virginia. Since then he has had many notable victories, including the leading Virginia Supreme Court decision concerning the admissibility of scientific evidence and a notable decision concerning the law of negligence per se.

Norfolk, VA Personal Injury Attorney Explains What an Insura Norfolk, VA Personal Injury Attorney Explains What an Insurance Company Won’t Tell You After an Accident A Norfolk car accident and personal injury attorney who formerly worked as a defense lawyer for insurance companies explains to people hurt in automobile crashes or other types of accidents caused by other people’s carelessness or negligence in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake and other cities in southeast Virginia and northeast North Carolina how to protect their medical records and legal rights from misuse by insurance investigators and claims adjusters. The client-focused attorney also explains how an experienced personal injury lawyer can help victims recover physically and financially. Her advice is to make sure you get all the medical treatment you need before accepting any insurance settlement and to work closely with an ttorney who has only your best interests at heart.