NCAA West Virginia Mountaineers 4 Piece Barbecue Set

NCAA West Virginia Mountaineers 4 Piece Barbecue Set

  • Officially licensed NCAA Collegiate product.
  • 4 piece BBQ set
  • Team logo laser etched into spatula blade
  • Team logo on the handles of each tool
  • Stainless Steel Construction

Tailgating never looked so good! This stainless steel BBQ set is a perfect way of showing your team pride on Game Day. Each utensil is printed with your favorite College team’s artwork. The set includes tongs, brush, fork and a laser etched spatula.

List Price: $ 39.99

Price: $ 29.60

20100202 – working on the car – GEDC1435 – piece of wood to level headlight

20100202 – working on the car – GEDC1435 – piece of wood to level headlight
Virginia Insurance
Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
I never would have noticed, but Matthew said the replacement headlight was pointing a bit too low. Part if this is that the metal parts that hold it to the body are bent up and damaged. I think one of the places it screws in doesn’t exist anymore or something. So he grabbed a random piece of wood to prop it up. It works. He then put some camouflage duct tape on it… But that fell off when the winter weather got to it.

Pontiac Bonneville 1993 car, blinker, bumper, headlight, wood.

garage, Matthew G’s house, McLean, Virginia.

February 2, 2010.

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BACKSTORY: Clint’s car came back from the body shop totaled, after hitting a deer on the way back from a party at Dirk’s. He bought a new fender ( + S/H), headlight ( + S/H), and blinker (not pictured, ), and, with GREAT HELP from his friend Matthew G, got it fixed for 0 (which includes another for bolts and bulbs at the hardware store). Meanwhile, Farmer’s Insurance paid him out 50 (they would have paid out 0 more if I’d let them keep it). Major profit! Well, right after the snow melted, his tie rod broke, and sway rod was about to break, so it was another 0 on top of that. But still: $ ~700 out, 50 in. Major profit.

Even if I could somehow gotten a car as good as mine for half of what they paid me, this was STILL the most economical route.

Let this be a lesson to people who let their insurance "total" their car, and then go out and buy a new one, pretending that they are helpless and "have" to. Or those that buy a new car because they feel the repairs are worth more than their existing car (which is fallacious financial logic anyway). To them I say, BULLPUCKEY! One more lesson that reinforces the concept that doing things the "normal" way is almost never the most perseonally advantageous way. Thank you, "Bob", for your great SLACK! I got paid to total my car! Making a million dollars every time you make a mistake is one of the definitions of SLACK, and this was pretty damnc lose.

Of course, the car immediately broke (tie rod fell out) upon it’s first post-snowpocalypse drive, incurring an additional 0 (tie rods, sway bar, towing that would have been free if my car wasn’t already totaled). Even with the additional 0 expense, I am *STILL* 00 ahead! That’ll definitely pay for more freon this summer. Amazing what going against the grain will get you these days.