What is the standard reference for plant taxonomy?

Question by RCSparrow: What is the standard reference for plant taxonomy?
For mammals it seems to be the Mammals Species of the World, for birds Clements, Handbook of Birds of the World, or IOC lists. So what is the standard reference, or references, for plants?

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Answer by Marilyn
Each state or region has a different “standard reference”. In California it used to be Munz, now it’s Jepson’s Flora. The ongoing Flora of North America North of Mexico (FNA) is an attempt to create a current standard reference for that area. However, there is no consensus on the one leading system of classification and the FNA discusses the similarities and differences between the three leading systems: Cronquist, Takhtajan and Thorne. Not all volumes have been published.

The answer is that it will depend on what region you are talking about. And, remember there are a lot more plants than either mammals or birds.

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What would be the best hedge to plant in western virginia?

Question by Sammie F: What would be the best hedge to plant in western virginia?
My neighbors dogs are trying to eat my two dogs through our chain-link fence and I want to grow some kind of pretty thick hedge to help separate the feuding animals. Any ideas? I would like it to be something fairly easy to maintain. THANKS!!:-)

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Answer by jewelzazner
Hi, you don’t mention whether your fence is in sun or shade, but luckily there is a great rose that does well in either.
It’s called William Baffin, it blooms for a long time, is very thorny (to discourage the pups), and grows very fast. Because you can train it to cover the bottom and top of the fence with twine (just tie branches to the fence) you can plant fewer plants than with other shrubs. Each branch can grow up to 12′ long. I have used this in the past and it works GREAT. Not only do the thorns discourage dogs, but it’s beautiful almost all year long.
Hope this helps,

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