Who has a good environmental engineering program?

Question by OneDay: Who has a good environmental engineering program?
state university of new york envrionmental school in syracuse
or Virginia tech?

either of thoes..or any others in the east?

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Answer by HokiePaul
Virginia Tech Hokies! I’m an engineering grad there (though from the Industrial Engineering field). VT has a great all around engineering program. I’ve taken classes in the CEE (Civil and Environmental Engineering) department and they were great with good professors. Plus Blacksburg is a great town, and the football games are a lot of fun.

Your NY school may help you if your looking to work up there when you get out, but VT’s engineering network for finding jobs is great throughout the east coast and particularly in the Washington DC area.

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Young Women Leaders Program

The Young Women Leaders Program, founded in 1997 at the University of Virginia, is a psychoeducational mentoring program that empowers middle school girls to be leaders by combining one-on-one mentoring with targeted group activities for a year to address issues related to girls’ sense of self, scholastic achievement, body image, social aggression, and healthy decision-making. The program encourages the development of competence, connection and autonomy among participants, has served over 1000 middle school girls and trained over 1000 college women mentors since its inception. YWLP includes girls from a diversity of socio-economic, racial, and academic backgrounds. Over the past ten years, effective dissemination of the YWLP curriculum has led to new programs at nine additional colleges and universities across the US and in Mozambique.
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I want to get my master’s degree in IT at an online school? What school and/or program, do you suggest?

Question by k_mac73: I want to get my master’s degree in IT at an online school? What school and/or program, do you suggest?
Hi…I have a B.A. in Psychology that I attained from Oral Roberts University in 2003. I have been working in the field of social services for the last 6 years. I do not want to further my education in anything related to social services (i.e. counseling, therapist, etc). I would like to pursue a Master’s in something under the umbrella of IT. I also am looking to go online for school as I work full time and I just don’t want to have to go to a traditional school if I don’t have to. I have done a semester online at ITT Tech a couple of years ago and enjoyed the online experience. I was working on an Associate’s in Computer Forensics. I actually am highly fascinated with this field so I would like to pursue it at the graduate level.

In the master’s arena, it is not usually called Computer Forensics however. I also am interested in learning how to program different applications on the computer. What program would encompass computer security AND computer programming (software engineering)?

I have been debating between a few online colleges: (1)Kaplan (which has a Master of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in Information Security and Assurance). (2)University of Phoenix has a Master of Information Systems. This one is kind of broad but does have courses in information security and computer programming. (3) Virginia College has a Master of Science in Cybersecurity. This one is very specific and no computer programming courses. (4) Keller Graduate School of Management has a Master of Information Systems Management with a concentration in Information Security. Lastly, (5) AIU has a Master of Information Technology with a concentration in Internet security. Now, these are just the colleges that I have researched and I have spoken with the academic advisors and am considering attending (I’ve actually researched a few more but for whatever reason, I eliminated them).

Out of the 5 online schools that I mentioned, are there any that you would personally not consider and why?? I have heard good stories and I have heard horror stories. All 5 of the schools I mentioned are accredited. Can you offer any other colleges or programs for that matter that may be a better fit that I can look into based off of the information that I have given you about myself??

I know I’ve written a lot of information. I just feel like the academic advisors at these specific schools are biased and I would love an unbiased point of view Also, let me add this one last thing as a sidenote, I used to work with therapists as the case worker for sexually abused children. Our agency worked alongside the police department, sheriff’s department, district attorney’s office, etc., etc. This is when I really became involved in computer forensics, because I would love to know how to go into a suspect’s computer and recover lost data that they think they erased (i.e. a pedophile with child pornography) and that is what the degree should provide for me. And as I said earlier, I would also like to know how to actually program applications or software on the computer that can be used in that field or even in other unrelated fields. Please help…I am trying to make a decision by the end of the year with hopes of starting school in early 2010. I know I’ve said a lot and have written a book but this is actually the narrowed down version since I first started this process….

Thank you for your input…”

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Answer by PE2008
All of the schools you mention are worthless. Their degrees are worthless. You will be laughed-at if you try to get a job with one of these degrees.

It’s hard to advise you. You clearly are romantically involved with this bogus concept of “cyber IT” and you’re not going to be talked out of it.

If you were to do it right, you would get a flexible Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering Technology.

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Caterpillar Dealer Prep Program

www.tstc.edu Caterpillar Dealer Prep Program… A specialization in Diesel Equipment Technology at Texas State Technical College. The Texas State Technical College Caterpillar Dealer Prep program, offered through Diesel Equipment Technology, is a manufacturer-specific, dealer-sponsored degree plan designed to prepare top-notch technicians for employment with a sponsoring dealer in the area of equipment maintenance. The program curriculum provides for eight weeks of intensive TSTC classroom and laboratory training, followed by eight weeks (16-week term) of employment as an intern at the sponsoring dealership. The internship focuses on completing specific objectives related to the course of study of the preceding classroom and laboratory activities. The student receives an hourly wage while completing these objectives under the supervision of dealer-employed mentors who work closely with TSTC instructors to enhance all aspects of the student’s training. Students work on real problems in Caterpillar equipment. The sponsoring dealership and Caterpillar provide the Diesel Equipment Technology department with state-of-the-art equipment for use in the classrooms and laboratories, in addition to real-life troubleshooting situations during the internships. Graduates of the CAT Dealer Prep program may have job responsibilities such as field diagnosis and repair of diesel-powered equipment in agricultural equipment, heavy truck equipment, truck engines and construction equipment
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Virginia Tech Upward Bound Program

www.ubts.vt.edu Visit Our Website to Learn How to Apply! Talent Search is 100% federally funded by the US Department of Education to encourage students and non-students to complete high school and to pursue a college education. Educational, cultural, and social experiences throughout the year help us to accomplish this goal. Upward Bound at Virginia Tech is 100% federally funded by the US Department of Education as well and is designed to encourage and prepare high school students to pursue a college education. Upward Bound accomplishes this goal through educational, cultural, and social experiences. Talent Search and Upward Bound provide preparation and tutoring in English, mathematics, science, foreign language, SAT prep, ACT prep, study and test- taking skills, career planning, time management, communication skills, problem solving, and more… We help students research colleges and universities and help you choose the college that is right for you. We can help you apply to the college of your choice and apply for financial aid. Trips to colleges and universities for academic and athletic events are scheduled every year. The programs also take trips to plays and concerts during both the academic year and summer. http

FHA 203k Streamline Financing Rehab Loan Program

www.realpro.la FHA 203k Streamline Financing and the buyer’s closing costs. TheREALPRO for Windows program will accurately calculate these details for you, the real estate or mortgage loan professional, and your client. http The down payment, loan, total payment and closing costs are calculated, including the APR REALPRO is the only computer/software made exclusively for the Real Estate/Lending Industry to give you exact figures – anywhere you need them! Throw away your pencils, papers, calculators and charts!! REALPRO answers your client’s financing questions in a matter of moments … and prints them out, too! The REALPRO System is preprogrammed to calculate these important functions and is the best way of plugging into the information that keeps you at the cutting edge of the Real Estate/Lending Industry. Loan Rep Advantages Calling on Real Estate Offices * Prequalify borrowers in seconds whether in your office, the real estate office, or out in the field * Quote in print – any loan, FHA, VA, Conventional, whether fixed, adjustable or graduated payment – in seconds, along with a buyers cost sheet, without ever looking up a chart * Amortize your various loans when asked, without complicated charts * Prequalify homes for your real estate agents so they know what income to look for when holding an open house * Enhance your professional image so that agents have enough confidence in you to involve you in the transaction * Show the type of instant service and
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West Virginia Students Improve Reading with the Scientific Learning Reading Assistant Program

One Half Year Increase in One Month with Reading Assistant Prior to entering the 5th grade, students in Marion County, WV, who had shown “partial mastery” on their state assessment used Scientific learning Reading Assistant software in an intensive summer school program. In the one-month summer program, participating students gained 68 points on the Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI), over half the expected yearly gain of 100 to 120 points. For more information, please see: Marion County, WV, Educator Briefing: www.scilearn.com Any of our 200+ additional reports on Fast ForWord results www.scilearn.com
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