UK or US university- where should I go ?? Pros n Cons of both the countries’ education?

Question by : UK or US university- where should I go ?? Pros n Cons of both the countries’ education?
I am from India & have been accepted at some UK unis & some US ones.

US- Penn State U Park , Purdue , Virginia Tech.
UK- Nottingham, Leeds, Uni of Manchester(not Metropolitan), Bristol.

All are for engineering with Manchester being in Software engineering.

Which country would suit my interests the best. Besides is the cliche of UK being inferior to US in engg. & tech any true?

Is UK worth spending around 100K of pounds sterling? Is uni of manchester something special.

See I have had mixed opinion about UNI OF MANCHESTER with some saying its pretty selective, snooty, academic while others say its more of a party school & not as good as Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Nottgm etc.

Further its consistantly ranked amid top 30 unis by THES & top 40 by ARWU however its at 28th in UK by sunday, guardian while RAE ranks it at 6 in UK & 8 in Europe.

Further, at Penn StateU I would be far from elite unis or the top 20 stuff in US while with MANCHESTER it is top 30 in th world & with just Oxbridge, Imperial, UCL above & at par with edinburgh & moreover its been on a consistent rise in world rankings. ITs engg. is ranked 35 in the world.

So where should I go, given the transfer option is available in US so whats the max I can reach out for from Penn State in the sophomore year.

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Answer by JesusLOVESYou2ツ
US. Cause US has Great and well-known universities 🙂

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