CATEX News August 25, 2011: Hurricane Irene; VA Quake Aftershock; Manchurian Diplomacy

1. Hurricane Irene will hit US as Category 4 storm 2. US earthquake aftershocks south of Washington, DC 3. 7.0 earthquake strikes Peru 4. Hardy syndicate shows loss of 17.5m GBP 5. Steve Jobs leaves Apple CEO role 6. million bounty on Quadaffi dead or alive 7. Kim Jong Il chugs along now to China on train 8. Sarkozy pops into Beijing for 5 hours

Planetary Circumstances of the Aug 23, 2011 DC Quake

Planetary Circumstances of the Aug 23, 2011 DC Quake Today there was a 5.8 quake SW of DC. It was the largest quake in the area since another 5.8 quake in Giles County, Va on May 31, 1897. Mercury conjoined the sun on August 16, 2011, seven days before today’s quake. In 1897, Mercury conjoined the sun on May 21st, ten days before the May 31st quake. I have posted more than one video that deals with Mercury/sun conjunctions and New Zealand quakes. One of those is: Christchurch Earthquakes and Conjunctions of the sun and Mercury 6000 year ephemeris New Zealand quakes Free Astrolog software
Video Rating: 0 / 5 Virginia quake felt by millions (August 24, 2011) [720p HD]

As seen on CNN iReporters and others along the East Coast share what they felt when an earthquake struck near Richmond, Virginia. Copyright ©2011 Cable News Network. Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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Virginia quake seismic waves march across the US

Seismometers from the EarthScope project Transportable Array measured the up-and-down motion of the ground from the magnitude 5.9 earthquake that occurred in Virginia on August 23, 2011. You can see the waves move across the country! Red is upward motion; blue down. The height of the wave was only 22 microns! Original data: Credit: Data from the TA network were made freely available as part of the EarthScope USArray facility supported by the National Science Foundation, Major Research Facility program under Cooperative Agreement EAR-0350030.
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