Radioactive Tuna Hit California Coast!

Those looking for evidence of the March 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan may need search no further than their next plate of sushi, Stanford University researchers report. The researchers tested 15 Pacific bluefin tuna that had migrated from Japan to the California coast and found that the levels of radioactive cesium in these fish were 10 times higher than those found in bluefin tuna from the years before the disaster. Dan Childs ABC News Monday, May 29: Alex reports from the road as the Infowars team moves toward Chantilly, Virginia, where the globalist power-brokers will meet for Bilderberg 2012. Alex covers the latest news, including the plan by central bankers to keep Greece mired in economic depression, Romney’s promise to continue stacking up unpunished war crimes and engage in economic sabotage now presided over by Obama, and the US military threatening to unleash military force against Syria. [Check out Alex’s New Social Network-‘Planet Infowars’
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