Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion – “Stateline” State of Mind

Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion – September 16-18, 2011 State Street – Historic Downtown Bristol, TN/VA The Birthplace of Country Music The award-winning Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion isn’t just a music festival. It’s an infectious, three-day music experience, bursting with creative passion, electricity, and soul–a celebration of Bristol’s heritage as the Birthplace of Country Music. Every third weekend in September, State Street in historic Downtown Bristol, TN/VA is amped to the beat of Appalachia’s past, present and future. The Reunion offers 22 stages of live music that include five outdoor stages, a dance tent, 15 indoor venues and a children’s stage on Saturday for a free event for families on Saturday from 9am-1pm. The best part, Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion is among the most affordable music festivals around! If pictures are worth a thousand words, then the photographs in this video are but a glimpse of what the festival experience at Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion is all about. State Street in historic Downtown Bristol is as much a player during the event as the artists. It provides a warm and intimate atmosphere where musicians, families and friends can all reunite in harmony. It isn’t unusual to see players from several different groups jamming on the street corners with buskers, or to see artists carrying their guitar cases from venue to venue. Capturing the music experience at Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion in photographs or video is near impossible, but
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20040417 – Blacksburg reunion tour – 100-0041 – Oakbridge – 878 Orchard Street

20040417 – Blacksburg reunion tour – 100-0041 – Oakbridge – 878 Orchard Street
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Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
Clint and Carolyn’s and Samhain the cat’s apartment building.

Ryan Somma lived here for a semester too!
That’s when we had 3 computers networked together using thin-wire (10-base-2) ethernet (you know.. with the terminators) and DOS drivers so that we could play 3player doom. Using config.sys menu options, we simply all rebooted, held down ‘4’, and via command-line options, Quake would be started with everyone in the same map automatically.

Virginia Tech, Oakbridge, 878 Orchard St, Blacksburg, Virginia.
April 17, 2004.

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