Roanoke, Virginia ca. 1993

Roanoke, Virginia ca. 1993
Colleges In Virginia
Image by Dread Pirate Jeff
YIKES! I just noticed how much fake vignette this ended up with. The others all have real vignetting from the lens used… this one I shopped a bit…

One of my first Black and White shoots back in 93 when I was in college. The film was hand loaded into cheap cartriges because bulk loading only cost me about 1.50 a roll as opposed to 3.50 -4.00 a roll to buy packaged film. Shot from an overlook on Mill Mountain. In the distance is Tinker Mountain and Hollins University. In the foreground is the Norfolk Southern Roanoke shops. To the left, I-581 and the Roanoke Civic Center.

Shot with a Minolta X-700 35mm. Film was Tri-X, most likely 400 speed B&W film bulk rolled. Scratches on the negatives were from cheap cartriges. The image is a scan of the original negative, scanned at 3200dpi on an Epson V500.