Same way?

Same way?
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Title: Same way?

Artist: Sykes, Charles Henry, 1882-1942

Date Created: 1940-01

Publishing Note: Cartoon was published in the Evening Public Ledger (Philadelphia) on January 23, 1940.

Subject(s): Russo-Finnish War, 1939-1940; Soviet Union — Politics and government — 1936-1953; Finland — Foreign relations — Soviet Union; Soviet Union — Foreign relations — Finland; political cartoons; editorial cartoons

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Collection: Sykes Editorial Cartoon Collection

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Is there anyone out there with the same problem as me?

Question by Alex Muntaz: Is there anyone out there with the same problem as me?
I don’t know why, but I feel a bit wronged here.
I’m a spanish/american mix. I -was- raised in the first five years of my life in the states. I lived there, went to kindergarten, trick-or-treated in the malls, but then I had a hard time living like a normal kid. My parents practically dated with a dictionary clamped in their hands, and when they moved to virginia,my mother had a -very- unwelcome reaction from my dad’s relatives. She still didn’t know much of english, and when we moved out of my grandparents, my parents were too poor to even afford an actual bed. Since we are also too poor to take me to preschool, and pretty much the only people in an entire apartment block with kids, I was raised for 4 years without seeing anyone else but my mom. So when my parents ushered me to kindergarten, I couldn’t speak a word of english.

My mom was STILL unhappy though. So after borrowing money from relatives, she took me and my younger brother out of the country when my dad was unwittingly working. But then within 24 hours she asked to be brought back again when she was reminded as to WHY she had no problem leaving her entire family behind. It was hugely expensive, and so my dad says, “you know what, screw this, let’s go back to spain.”

And that was how I never got near America again. My dad found a better life working for the military as a software engineer, and my mom, having hated her in-laws and the people who had ignored her back in virginia, developed a racial hatred against anything that personified the country. Plus, my parents found it rude to lock ourselves inside american bases when we could just live next door to the local natives, so I find myself having to interact with spaniards, arabs, indians and the english. In the end, I became different than anyone else. Of course I was already different anyway, a lot of people seem to single me out all the time, and it’s usually very hard for me to be able to interact when most people keep their distances from me. When I finally had to transfer to an english school, my interactions with other american kids stopped completely. It was during the time when 9/11 happened, and I was at the time in an arabic country. Even then people were resenting us, and since I had to study and play with their kids, I was vulnerable to questions and criticisms they wanted to throw at americans. In the end it got too much that I responded by smothering my foreigness. I forgot why we are so proud of ourselves, why we announce our nationality rather than simply say it when asked, and why we ignore everybody else but people like us.
I pretty much became an observer rather than part of anything in the american settlements.
And then I notice when a rare moment of me meeting another americans happens, they all shut me out. Even as soon as a ‘hi’ was exchanged, I see their real views about me glaze over their faces before turning their backs on me. I’m not generalising, I have met 6 people from different parts of the states since I was 12, 3 of them I had to work with, and they all try to keep their distance from me.
I’m pretty much just fine, however, when I interact with adults though. I’ve got a friend in her 30’s living in Colorado now, but when it comes to approaching people my age, I find myself flinching from their judging gazes. A lot of times they stop bothering to look at me in the eye.

I don’t even pry or bother them, and often times when they start behaving like that, I scatter out of the room. Is it because I look different? I still have my american accent, after all. So it’s not a problem of the languages at all. I’m not the first and only spanish/american in a thousand years, am I? What actually makes a person from the states completely ignore the existance of another person?
Ps…I am also very very sorry that this was long. It’s a little complicated and I admit I was a bit angry and desperate.

This is what my outward appearance looks like:

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Answer by altar boy
Sure, there are tons of cry-babies like you who go on endlessly about how tough it is for them, being diaper babies and all that. Boo Hoo, someone once…whaaaa, said something and I didn’t, this time, get everything I wanted! Whaaaaa, sniffy sniff, whaaaai!

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Can you make same amount of money?

Question by hokiefan: Can you make same amount of money?
If i major in computer software engineering at West Virginia University, would i make the same amount of money when i graduate with a BCSE from wvu than i would at say VT or UVA??

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Answer by jaylynn
VT and UVA are better looking on a resume than WVU, but you could probably pull better grades there.

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Are judges able to be held for judicial misconduct the same as lawyers in Virginia and if so how to prove it?

Question by David A: Are judges able to be held for judicial misconduct the same as lawyers in Virginia and if so how to prove it?
I believe there is a judge in a general district court that is abusing his powers on the bench with sentencing people arbitrarily to jail for first time offenses on traffic tickets. I know that court costs are associated with every ticket but it appears that everyone that appears before this particular judge is sentenced to jail time for every offense coming before him. I believe that he is using his powers to pad his bank account through excessive fines and jailing procedures. Granted I was guilty of a charge of public intoxication but this judge found me guilty of a dui and used past history not related to driving offenses to sentence me arbitrarily to jail with an excessive fine and harsher penalties for a first time offender. I also believe this is not the first time he has done this. I plan on appealling his decision. Also how do I block his decision until after the appeal process if finished?

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Answer by lisa s
sorry to say but I seriously doubt that this judge is putting the money from traffic tickets into his own pockets….The judge is sitting on the bench and your tickets are being paid to and made out to the clerks office or some other entity. I doubt that the judge could then go and hijack the accounts to fatten his financial statement.
This is a VERY serious accusation and one that will not be well recieved by any allies that you might need you in your quest for what you see as justice. I would advise that you keep that bit of speculation to yourself if you want to be taken seriously on your other obvservations.
with that said, that does not mean that you are not correct in your observation that he is more harsh…..but before you waste your time and money trying to find a lawyer to take your case, you might do two things: call the media and see if they will look into your allegations (they always enjoy a good lead) and this will save you the expense of hiring a lawyer to do so….and SECONDLY look up the statue for your particular offense and see what the range of sentencing is. If the range for DUI is between 5 months and 2 years, the judge would not be committing misconduct if he sentenced you two the maximum.
I am sorry to say that I seriously doubt that there will be a cheap way to win your appeal . An attorney would be better able to advise you on how to block his decision after your appeal. I can’t speak to the law in Virginia but in the state where I live, your past unrelated offenses are part of the presentencing report and ARE used to determine an appropriate sentence. SInce it is obvious that you did not respect the law (since you continue to break it) then the consequences have to become more harsh.
I think that you would be hard pressed to find someone who disagrees with stiffer penalties for people who continue to break the law…infact thank your lucky stars that you dont live in california
3 felonies can earn you LIFE behind bars!

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Did you know Barack Obama’s ‘Church’ encourages same sex unions?

Question by Ja W: Did you know Barack Obama’s ‘Church’ encourages same sex unions?
Senator Obama’s Church even has a ‘pastor’ with the responsibility for ‘SAME-GENDER LOVING COUPLES’. G

Rev. Stacey Edwards
Associate Pastor for the Singles Ministries and the Drill Team Ministry

Rev. Stacey L. Edwards was appointed the Associate Pastor to the Singles in August of 2002. As Pastor to the Singles, “Rev. Stacey” is responsible for and committed to providing spiritual guidance, support as well as overseeing programs designed to minister to the holistic needs of unmarried men and women who are never-married, divorced, widowed, single parents and same-gender loving. Rev. Stacey also serves as one of the chairs for our Singles Conference which serves as a magnet for Singles throughout the country, provides spiritual direction for the Drill Team Ministries, partners in weekly worship services and provides preachment in the absence of the Senior Pastor. Rev. Stacey Edwards received her Master of Divinity (Cum Laude) from the Samuel Dewitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Chemistry/Biology as well as a Master of Public Health from Indiana University.

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Answer by fsfa
Not suprising.

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