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WVU Student Government says, ‘save a couch,’ don’t burn one

WVU student leaders are taking a light-hearted, but serious stand around the senseless couch burnings that some students have been known to engage in. In this tongue-in-cheek video that is being pushed out to students — by students — WVU’s Student Government Association is putting it bluntly: “Save a couch,” don’t burn one.” Couches are […]

Help Save Janet – Yul Kwon speaks out! DMV Valentine’s Day 2012

Yul Kwon speaks out on the importance of registering to become bone marrow donors in the Asian American community. This February 14, 2012 local college campuses are hosting a registry, donation, and fundraising drive in the DMV area. Come out, get registered and help Save Janet. Colleges: University of Maryland at College Park, Student Union, […]

Obama’s Health Care starts to save lives, but Republicans pledge to dismantle it.

President Barack Obama was back defending his historic health care reforms Wednesday, as key elements of the important law came into effect despite Republican pledges to dismantle the new system. The legislation was helping end the “horrendous” vulnerability of millions of uninsured Americans who had been denied coverage, unfairly dropped from company plans, or were […]