Failing Law Schools – A Moral Disaster: An interview with Brian Tamanaha In thisepisode of the Massachusetts School of Law’s program Books of Our Time; Dean Lawrence R. Velvel talks with renowned jurisprudence scholar Brian Z. Tamanaha about his new and much noted book; Failing Law Schools. The fact that Law school students are faced with ballooning tuition costs combined with the inability to find work upon matriculation has become a problem not only for the students but society as a whole. The Massachusetts School of Law also presents information on important current affairs to the general public in television and radio broadcasts, an intellectual journal, conferences, author appearances, blogs and books. For more information visit
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Cheating, Lying & Honor in America’s High Schools, Colleges & Universities

The Biennial VMI Leadership Conference is a top tier conference held every other year, attracting the faculty and cadets of the nation’s top schools, representatives of the public and private sector, military, and non-profit audiences. The conference is designed to explore themes relating to ethical leadership. This year’s conference theme, “Cheating, Lying and Honor in America’s High Schools, Colleges and Universities,” highlights what many have referred to as a national epidemic. Cheating is very much a real problem with far-reaching implications that cannot be ignored. This conference seeks to begin the discussion — to give students and faculty alike, a chance to get it right.
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Is any of this taught at U.S. schools or universities nowadays, since it is part of our history?

Question by : Is any of this taught at U.S. schools or universities nowadays, since it is part of our history?
While reading from the true life story “Seven Came Through” by Captain Edward Rickenbacker I decided to look him up on Wikipedia, and found, as usual, a wealth of information, including the story of William Lendrum “Billy” Mitchell who was among other things an aviator before and during WWI and was court-martialed, apparently for going too strongly against the obsolete visions of the Navy back then….I still have a lot of reading to do but one thing which greatly surprised me was the Matewan Massacre in West Virginia and which comes into the story by way of President Harding having “dispatched” Billy Mitchell to stop the warfare between all the groups there. The paragraph on this is rather small and I can’t see the connection between Mitchell who was a genius 100 years ahead of his time and a sort of prophet concerning the use of air craft bombardment, having anything to do with sorting out the disaster that took place in West Virginia!!!

When I was in grammar school few decades back we were shown a short documentary about police fighting and shooting with protesters, apparently before unions came to being, but I doubt it had to do with Matewan. Since English was my second language I know I missed out on a lot of things, but seeing how everyone protests about poor education in the U.S. now it makes me think that every subject should at least be touched upon so everyone at an earlier age can begin understanding more. I guess the end result of poor education is shouting matches between Democrats and Republicans, and every issue going unresolved.

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The topic is too specific for high school history, but it could certainly be taught in a college history or political science course that deals with those particular years.

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