The Marriott Hotel Amman in November 2008! Rare view! Enjoy Jordan!:) Thanks to heavy security it is impossible to get a decent shot nearer from this landmark hotel in the jordanian capital! Cherish the hospitality!:)

The Marriott Hotel Amman in November 2008! Rare view! Enjoy Jordan!:) Thanks to heavy security it is impossible to get a decent shot nearer from this landmark hotel in the jordanian capital! Cherish the hospitality!:)
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Rare photo from the front of the hotel with good views all around the building! ( November 2008 ). MORE ABOUT MARRIOTT:

Marriott was founded by J. Willard Marriott 1927 when he and his wife opened a root beer stand in Washington D.C..[4] As a missionary in the sweltering, humid summers in Washington, Marriott was convinced that what the city needed was a such a place to get a cool drink.[5] They later expanded their enterprises into a chain of restaurants and hotels.[6]
Marriott hotel located at Tampa International Airport, taken from top level of parking garage

The Key Bridge Marriott in Arlington, Virginia is Marriott International’s longest operating hotel, and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2009.[7] Their son and current Chairman and Chief Executve Officer, J.W. (Bill) Marriott, Jr. has led the company to spectacular worldwide growth. Today, Marriott International has about 3,150 lodging properties located in the United States and 67 other countries and territories.

Marriott International was formed in 1992 when Marriott Corporation split into two companies, Marriott International and Host Marriott Corporation.

In 2002 Marriott International began a major restructuring by spinning off many Senior Living Services Communities (which is now part of Sunrise Senior Living) and Marriott Distribution Services, so that it could focus on hotel ownership and management. The changes were completed in 2003.[8]
Marriott International headquarters in the Bethesda area of unincorporated Montgomery County, Maryland, United States
Singapore Marriott Hotel

In April 1995, Marriott International acquired a 49% interest in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company LLC.[9] Marriott International believed that it could increase sales and profit margins at the Ritz, a troubled chain with a significant number of properties either losing money or barely breaking even. The cost of Marriott’s initial investment was estimated to be about 0 million in cash and assumed debt. The next year, Marriott spent 1 million to take over the Ritz-Carlton Atlanta and buy a majority interest in two properties owned by William Johnson, a real estate developer who had purchased the Boston Ritz Carlton in 1983 and expanded his Ritz holdings over the next twenty years.

The Ritz began expansion into the lucrative timeshare market among other new initiatives made financially possible by the deep pockets of Marriott, which also lent its own in-house expertise in certain areas. There were other benefits for Ritz-Carlton flowing from its relationship with Marriott, such as being able to take advantage of the parent company’s reservation system and buying power. The partnership was solidified in 1998 when Marriott boosted its interest in Ritz-Carlton to 99 percent. By 1999 revenues from the 35 hotels it operated around the world totaled about .4 billion.

Marriott International owned Ramada International Hotels & Resorts until its sale on September 15, 2004 to Cendant. It is the first hotel chain to serve food that is completely free of trans fats at all of its North American properties.[10][11]

In 2005, Marriott International and Marriott Vacation Club International comprised two of the 53 entities that contributed the maximum of 0,000 to the second inauguration of President George W. Bush.

On July 19, 2006, Marriott announced that all lodging buildings they operate in the United States and Canada would become non-smoking beginning September 2006. "The new policy includes all guest rooms, restaurants, lounges, meeting rooms, public space and employee work areas."


How do I find the network security key for wireless internet?

Question by Casey: How do I find the network security key for wireless internet?
I’m currently visiting my family in Virginia. I brought along my labtop and attempted to connect to the wireless internet. I was told I needed the network security key so I looked on the bottom of the router and entered in the code by the word MAC. But it still doesn’t work when I enter it in on my labtop. How do I get the proper network security key or passphrase? Because I asked my aunt who put it in and she claims she doesn’t know. My whole family is bad with computers.

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Answer by Jasper M
Get family to reset it and write it down for future reference would be a likely way ~

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