(294/365) August 14, 2010: Big, giant skate in Virginia

(294/365) August 14, 2010: Big, giant skate in Virginia
Virginia Western
Image by Jason Alley
En route to Williamsburg, I passed this giant skate along US route 17 south of Opal, VA. Actually, I most likely passed this skate nearly a hundred times, since we would often take this route to my parents’ house in Western PA to avoid traveling around DC. I decided to stop today and snap a few shots of it since I’m uncertain if I’ll ever pass it again.

How to Skate in South Western Virginia

A short feature presentation that was supposed to be apart of a local film festival at Virginia Tech, but was later cancelled because of the shooting event that took place on campus. This is also a short demo for the Sick Coke video which will be coming out in 2008. This film is dedicated to those people who live and love South Western Virginia.