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Northern Virginia Sleep Center | Arlington Sleep Center 703-385-9222. When we first opened our sleep lab, we noticed that every other sleep testing facility seemed to have a cold, drab, and clinical environment. This was ironic to us, considering how much of an impact a person’s comfort affects their quality of sleep. There are many reasons why 1st Class Sleep Diagnostics stands apart from all others. We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service. With 6 convenient locations inspired by 5 star hotels and resorts, we’re proud to serve the residents of northern Virginia [and those in need]. Using state of the art digital recording equipment, we provide the highest quality clinical testing. Our expertly trained staff of professionals include licensed nurse and registered polysomnographic technologists, 4 physicians board certified in sleep medicine but also certified in neurology, pulmonary medicine and otolaryngology, along with a multilingual staff. 1st Class Sleep Diagnostics will service all of your sleep therapy needs. From a consultation with one of our physicians to baseline sleep studies. We are here to help you sleep better in order to live better. If you feel you or a loved one may have a sleep related issue affecting your health, consult with your physician or one of our physicians board certified in sleep to schedule your sleep study today. With proper education and information, you will be fully aware of your condition
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