Help Save Janet – Yul Kwon speaks out! DMV Valentine’s Day 2012

Yul Kwon speaks out on the importance of registering to become bone marrow donors in the Asian American community. This February 14, 2012 local college campuses are hosting a registry, donation, and fundraising drive in the DMV area. Come out, get registered and help Save Janet. Colleges: University of Maryland at College Park, Student Union, Prince George’s Room George Washington University, Marvin Center, Continental Ballroom University of Maryland Baltimore County, Greek Room, 2nd floor, Commons Bldg Eastern Virginia Medical School, Brickell Library Atrium George Mason University, Johnson Center, Kiosk H credits: Video Production – Shot on location – American University Media Production Center
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Iceland’s Ambassador to the US Speaks at U.Va.

Iceland’s Ambassador to the United States, Hjálmar W. Hannesson, speaks at the University of Virginia about steps his country is taking to recover from the collapse of its financial system in 2008. The country is now weighing whether to join the European Union in order to stabilize its economy. The Office of the Vice Provost for International Programs sponsored Amb. Hannesson’s visit. His talk is the first in the 2010-11 Ambassadors’ Speakers Forum.

Virginia Tech survivor speaks about her experiences for the first time

Lindsay was supposed to be in class on April 16th, 2007. She missed that day, when her professor and nine of her classmates were killed in the worst school shooting in US history. Only three survived. She shared a small office space with six of those killed. She is now a graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin. On Tuesday, 3/22, she spoke of her experiences publicly for the first time in testimony against SB 354, a bill which would force colleges and universities to allow guns. The author of the bill repeatedly cited “preventing another Virginia Tech” as his rationale for pushing the legislation.