What would my average starting salary be?

Question by Abdelrahman: What would my average starting salary be?
I am a ccna ccnp ccna wireless ccnp wireless mcitp and cwna certified and i am a telecommunications engineer but with no exp yet what would be my average starting salary?

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Answer by Sammy
$ 10.25 at McDonalds, hamburger engineering

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20070303 – 112-1265 – construction mess finally starting to disspate!

20070303 – 112-1265 – construction mess finally starting to disspate!
Virginia Network
Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
So many things were put on hold for the 5 years we built our addition. 3 of those years comprised time wasted in violation of a contractual deadline. Playing pool, playing DDR, playing guitar …. So many thigns we used to do. But we had to retreat 100% into our computers, and still haven’t fully emerged yet.

Also: In the upper-left, you can see my 4th-to-last computer, "Hell" (the first "Hell", not the current "Hell"… I’m on my second cycle through names, with my newest computer being the 2nd "Hades"). I’m about to finally trash old Hell; it’s hooked up in the living room right now for one last gasp, whereupon I realized there’s only ONE file left I might want to copy — and old WAV fo me laughing. But since there is no USB, no floppy, and no network… I’m not going to bother. Anyone want a K6-233 w/4G & Win98?

Soloflex, computer, dancepad, guitar, pool table.

upstairs, Clint and Carolyn’s house, Alexandria, Virginia.

March 3, 2007.

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Starting and Operating a Business in Virginia (Starting and Operating a Business in the U.S.)

Starting and Operating a Business in Virginia (Starting and Operating a Business in the U.S.)

Starting and Operating a Business in Virginia is the most complete tax and legal guidebook in existence for Virginia small businesses. The author, a retired attorney and CPA and a Harvard Law graduate, provides you with a detailed but easy to read explanation of the tax and legal “ground rules” you need to know to navigate successfully through the complex maze of federal and Virginia tax and business laws and regulations.

The roughly 500 pages (if printed) of each state edition in this e-book series offer far more than a dry description of the applicable business laws and taxes, however. The lively text is peppered
throughout the book with key points to consider, including “Cautions,” “Planning Points,” “Important Points,” and “Update Notes” that are highlighted to get your attention.


Federal tax and legal coverage includes individual income, self-employment, estate, gift, and excise taxes, federal payroll taxes, withholding of various taxes; securities laws and regulations; the Americans with Disabilities Act; environmental laws; minimum wage/overtime and child labor laws; anti-discrimination and HealthCare Reform laws that apply to employers; immigration laws affecting hiring; OSHA job safety and health requirements; ERISA (employee benefits) compliance; the Family and Medical Leave Act rules; mail order sales and telemarketing regulations; consumer credit laws; Internet taxation and regulation; and much more.


Virginia tax and legal coverage includes the Virginia state income tax, corporate income tax, sales and use tax, property taxes, state unemployment tax, withholding of employment taxes, and other state and local business taxes; state fair employment laws that may differ from the federal; the Virginia minimum wage, overtime, and child labor laws; mandatory workers’ compensation insurance and new hires reporting; wage payment requirements; when/if registration of fictitious business names (trade names) is required; and much more.


In addition to extensive, up-to-date coverage of federal and Virginia business laws and taxes, you will also find this e-book to be a gold mine of other useful information and advice for running your business. It includes topics such as an entire chapter on site selection for your business; guidance for obtaining financing and choosing accounting methods; do’s and don’ts when buying an existing business, acquiring a franchise, or signing a lease; pros and cons of corporations, LLCs, and other business entities, as well as Virginia filing fees and taxes for each type of entity. Other chapters deal with subjects such as how to protect your assets from creditors; whether to incorporate in a state other than Virginia; international ISO-9000 standards and certification of your business; use of Universal Product Codes and RFID tags; electronic data interchange; how to classify workers as either employees or independent contractors; advice about joining a multilevel marketing program; exporting tips; cash flow management and fraud detection; and estate planning, to name a few covered topics.


The e-book also contains a link to the author’s web site, where purchasers of this publication can download (FREE!) the Small Business Advisor software program (Windows), which will create a customized version of this book on your PC, based on a series of questions it will ask you about your business. The software (which sells for up to ), also creates a customized “Small Business Checklist” on your computer, extensively listing various federal and Virginia tax and business regulations that will apply to your particular business. In addition, it contains a number of “consulting sessions” that use Artificial Intelligence to help you answer technical tax questions like whether you can deduct office-in-home expenses or elect S corporation status.

List Price: $ 9.99

Price: $ 9.99

Familial DNA use starting

Familial DNA use starting
Virginia will move forward with familial DNA testing in certain criminal cases, Gov. Bob McDonnell’s office said yesterday. The technique is controversial due to privacy concerns, but it’s backed by the family of Morgan Harrington, the Virginia Tech student whose slaying in Charlottesville remains unsolved….
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Virginia to Begin Using Familial DNA Searches
Governor Bob McDonnell announced Monday that the Virginia Department of Forensic Science (DFS) has developed the capability to perform a technique known as familial DNA searching.
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Va. to use familial DNA in criminal investigations
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Virginia has joined only a handful of states in using the genetic material from relatives to track suspects in violent crimes who have left DNA evidence at a crime scene but whose genetic fingerprint is not contained in any database. Gov. Bob McDonnell announced Monday that the Virginia Department of Forensic Science now has the capability to perform familial DNA searches, a …
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