Terrorism, Fusion Center HBC, and Freedom. Who watching the people watching you?

Who is watching the people watching you? After 911, the government form theses Fusion Centers to help coordinate intelligence and data sharing. What happens when this power tool is turned toward the law abiding American public. What happens when you receive that scarlet letter attached to your name? Historically Black Colleges in Virginia and an Anti-war group in Maryland can tell how it feels. Is Big Brother here? Black colleges and terrorism issue www.bet.com Fusion center spying illegally on citizens www.baltimoresun.com
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Why is software development now terrorism in the state of Virginia?

Question by Suave: Why is software development now terrorism in the state of Virginia?
Official documents from Virginia state police

Jump to about 7:50
if you actually watch the video he has official documents from the Virginia state police. Thats reliable i think?

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Answer by Conspiracy Buster 2.0
LMFAO- if you think ALex Jones is a reliable source then you need to go back to college and learn some serious research skills. Because we all know conspiracy theorists do not lie and manipulate information to trick people like you into giving them money. (sarcasm)

If he has them then somebody else must have had them which means its got to be on a reliable source somewhere.

I have seen Alex Jones post articles that were identical to somewhere else. IT is likely he could have easily edited these documents to make it seem like they were something they weren’t. WHat that is about is potential fears that taht students at those universities can be recruited by terrorists.

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