Root Cause Analysis Templates: How To Use Them

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Pay Stubs: can employers send them only via email?

Question by vroess: Pay Stubs: can employers send them only via email?
I’m trying to send reduce paper usage and want to send pay stubs only via email – we are a software company and everyone has email and an email address. Are there any specific requirements like it having to be password protected (I’m in Virginia)? Or is that an option? Also, do I need employees to sign an agreement? If so, where can I get the verbiage?
My fault – I need to clarify: The email is definitely password protected but do the actual pdf documents(pay stub doc) need to be password protected?

Best answer:

Answer by mark
I believe this is handled like w2’s in that you need to have employees sign (electronic is ok) that they can get them. Many companies do this. Yes they need to be password protected.

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